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Hi, it is Rex here.  The only dude contributor on Beckie’s site. 😉  I help Beckie out every once in a while when she gets in over her head with some DIY project that she has dreamed up.  I also own a local Indianapolis carpentry business called Carpentry Plus.


One day when I was helping Beckie finish the doors on her studio cabinets I was telling her I thought it would be cool to have power tools as ringtones. I wanted to have a personalized ring & alert tones to set my phone apart from everyone else’s.  Being an iPhone user, I searched iTunes and didn’t find much in the way of power tool ringtones and what I did find didn’t sound authentic.  So, I set out to figure out how to create and edit my own ringtones and get them on iTunes.  After a couple months of self-teaching and experimenting I had my first Ringtones live on iTunes.

These power tool ringtones would be a fun Father’s Day gift for the tradesman or do-it-yourself enthusiast. Click here to listen to them. And at only $1.29 a piece they are a steal! Get Dad an iTunes gift card and tell him about our power tool ringtones.

Please note: ‘Carpentry Plus’ ringtones are only available for the iPhone. To purchase, simply go to iTunes from your iPhone and search for ‘Carpentry Plus’.  There are 9 ringtones available at this time; table saw, miter saw, nail guns, screw guns and more.

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