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Carmel from Our Fifth House is back sharing her spray painted nightstand.  Who says furniture can’t be pink?  I love it and the story behind it is even better. If you are one who hates painting over wood avert your eyes – it is pink alright!

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Once upon a time there was a newly married couple who saved every last penny they could to buy their very first real grown-up bedroom set.  Remember when we bought furniture in sets?
Years later their style changed, and they no longer liked all the matching furniture. But, instead of getting rid of the furniture they worked so hard to save for (it has a lot of sentimental value), they updated the look of their bedroom with paint, new furniture hardware and bedside tables.  You can read the story of this room’s progression here.

As you can see the night stands were replaced.  The old ones sat collecting dust in a storage room for over a year until one day a can of pink spray paint came to the rescue.

And now one of these night stands has found it’s happily ever after in the room of a pink loving 6 year old girl.
The drawer pulls were replaced with brass pulls (Martha Stewart brand from Home Depot), and the drawers were lined with a geometric black and white fabric (Hobby Lobby).
A little decoupage or mod podge in the corners and around the edges keeps the fabric in place and keeps the edges from fraying.
I know this pinkalicious makeover is a bit controversial for some.  There are many in the school of thought that believe you shouldn’t paint “good furniture”.  I’m in the school that says you should do whatever you want with your furniture – especially if you saved every penny you had to buy it.   😉   I’d rather this nightstand live proudly in pink than collect dust in a storage room.
My little pink-lover is super happy with her new night stand that matches her chandy.  And I’m happy to be one step closer to finishing her room makeover.
So what do you think – is painting good furniture a no-no or a heck-yeah-way-to-go?  If you want to know what happened to the other night stand…….you’ll have to stay-tuned as it’s fate is yet to be decided.  😉

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  1. I love it! And the bedskirt just makes me swoon! I think I would love a bedskirt like that on our bed but I think hubby might not appreciate it… 🙂

    Painting over wood is simply fine! A girl has got to do what a girl has got to do!! Anyway it is always better to use what you have rather than buy new. Plus paint can always be removed from real wood.

    Your daughter’s room is simply lovely!

  2. This is SO cute!! It’s so funny I just posted a pink and gold-dipped bar stool makeover today that lives in my daughter’s room…they could be friends 🙂

  3. The whole room looks fabulous! Yeah, paint it, it you’ve got it and you need a change. It’s not sacred wood, it’s furniture. I think it looks great.

  4. I believe that if you have paid for it, and own it… then by all that is good and right it is yours to do with whatever you want… if that means paint, gluing chocolate chip cookies all over it, or taking it out back and using it for flaming arrow practice.

    it’s YOURS! do what makes you happy with it.

    and if anyone else thinks you shouldn’t… then, frankly, there are some folks in this world who should learn to keep their opposing opinions to themselves.

    (can you tell i just got tired of people telling me what they did or more specifically did NOT approve of in my life?)

  5. Better to paint furniture than send it to the landfill, or let it sit in storage, unloved. I have found so much old furniture on my husband’s family property that was just stuffed into old buildings because it wasn’t loved, but was “too good” to throw away. Time, weather and animals are not kind to wood, and most of it is now only fit for kindling or lawn art. I think painting over the years would have been a much kinder fate for it all.

  6. Amazing makeover! My pink loving ten year old would be thrilled! I really like the new hardware on your dresser in your room – such an improvement over the original!

  7. Love the dresser and the room! The pink is so close to the color I painted for my daughter 15 years ago. Before that, it was bright sunshine yellow. We passed it on to another loving, furniture painting family. 🙂

    My thought should be obvious — I say paint it, and as many times during the life of it that you want! I agree it’s much better to love it and use it, than to toss it or neglect it.

  8. I love the share! I took an old beat-up children’s wardrobe and painted it chocolate brown and then rubbed it with a metallic glaze by Martha Stewart. That old child’s wardrobe now sits in my dining room. I love new and refurbished ideas. Thanks! I will be back again.

  9. I just bought some bright pink spray paint to upcycle some small end table lamps I bought at a garage sale last year. 🙂 It is pretty similar to this pink here. What a pretty look even though I love nice wood being stained instead of painted. hehe

  10. Congratulations every detail was gorgeous!
    Parabéns ficou lindo cada detalhe!
    Beijos Brasil

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