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My sister-in-law is giving me a new nephew in about about 6 weeks.   Austin Joshua Farrant is set to make his debut sometime before May 15th.   She is in full on nesting mode trying to get her other son situated in his new room to make space for Austin.   Of course, this means, painting, decorating and designing a space for both of them.   She fell in love with the Personalized Pennants from Pottery Barn Kids and asked if I could make them. (I have her fooled that I can make anything). At $52 a pop it was slightly out of her budget for something that cost me about $2 to make. Plus it is a cute way to personalize a room with a sports theme to it.



PB Kids



30” x 12” strip of felt

12” x 12” strip of white felt

liquid starch

repositionable spray adhesive

permanent spray adhesive

press cloth & iron


rotary cutter, straight edge and mat

Silhouette Cameo

12” x 12” paper

1.   I could not find anywhere that sold stiff felt by the bolt.   So I decided to make my own.   For some odd reason I had liquid starch in my laundry room.   I am unsure of when I purchased it or why but it worked perfectly for this project. I just soaked my felt (both for the pennant and the white letters) in the liquid starch and then squeezed out the excess and laid it flat to dry in the sun.


2.   Once dry I ironed the felt with a press cloth over it to get it nice and wrinkle free.

3. I showed you exactly how I designed and cut out these letters using my Silhouette machine to cut a paper template for me.   It is a bit involved but gave me the look that I wanted.


4.   Since I cut those letters out of paper I sprayed some repositionable adhesive that I had in my stash onto the front of the letters and then adhered those to the stiff white felt upside down.


5.   Then very carefully I cut those out with some sharp fabric cutting scissors.


6. I removed the paper from the felt and laid them on my stiff pennant to position them.   Then one at a time I sprayed permanent adhesive onto the back of the letters and then adhered them to the navy blue pennant.


4. Lastly I cut a strip for the edge of the pennant and adhered that with the spray adhesive as well.   Once dry I cut off the excess strip.







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  1. Really Cool, wish I had a silhouette machine…thanks for sharing your knock-off. What a savings!

  2. You did it once again!! And just when I was desperately needing something for a baby gift for two sweet little boys! Now I need to drag out my Silhouette and get a move on. 🙂

  3. serioiusly!?? WHY would anyone pay FIFTY dollars for that! Can’t wait to see what else you whip up for this boy haha

  4. Great idea! If someone does not have a silhouette (like me and I am seriously jones’n for one!) You can get the same letter effect in MS Word using Word art pretty easily.

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