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One of the signs of a new year in the design and décor world?  Buzz about the latest color of the year!  There are several places that pick their favorite, but one of the most respected comes from the color experts at Pantone.    This year’s color is a gorgeous jewel tone:  Emerald Green.  It’s a color I’ve already learned to love, thanks to Isaac’s step stool made with Krylon’s Emerald Gloss.

Isaac's stepstool

I think it’s fun to see who in blogland is embracing the latest color trend.  I’ve been looking around the web for examples of emerald green, and I’m loving what I’ve found so far.  It’s a pop of color that manages to be able to look sophisticated or fun, depending on the way it’s used.  Let’s check out these 5 Ways to Use Emerald Green.

Emerald Green Pin Pic

1.   Touch of Green for a Romantic Retreat

Vintage Revivals collage

Mandi of Vintage Revivals offered one of her readers a room makeover.  The result was a lovely master bedroom transformation, with stunning emerald green accents, like this chair and unique headboard.

2.  Walls fit for the Emerald City

Cottage and Vine bedroom

When Rene of Cottage and Vine revealed her son’s bedroom update, the star of the show was the gorgeous emerald green paint that she put on the walls.  It’s the perfect canvas for rich woods and neutral fabrics.

3.  Enviously Green Dress

We Sew Retro green dress

We Sew Retro is a blog dedicated to sewing with vintage patterns.  How gorgeous is this green satin sheath dress made from a 1956 Butterick pattern?

4.  Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, which is the fairest color of all?  {Emerald}

My Way Home green mirror

When Katie spotted a plain white mirror at her local thrift shop, she jumped at the chance to try out a punch of green in her home.  She gave it a coat of her new favorite color, Valspar’s Lime Twist.  You can see more pictures of how the mirror looks in her pretty entry at My Way Home.

5.  The Chairs are Always Greener…

71 Toes chairs

They may not have been a DIY project, but these happy green chairs in the dining area at 71 Toes are a fresh, new look that is really accessible.  Purchased from World Market, Shawni says that not only are they a fun dose of color, but super comfortable and easy to clean, as well.

 What’s your take on the color of the year?  Is emerald green your current color crush, or one that you could do without?

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  1. While I love how things look in the pictures .. I’m afraid I’m not that daring and I know for a fact it would not look good in my house! Maybe in small doses or as accents – but I don’t think I could paint an entire wall! Kudos to those who can and do! 🙂

  2. Pantone’s color for 2013 does not inspire me at all….makes me want to run! I really do not like it and think (hope) this trend burns out quickly. Of course, if I happened on an emerald ring that would be a different story!

  3. I love it for clothing,but not so much in my home. The green is great with my red hair=)
    That said maybe in small dose would be ok especially since my son is a lover of green so actually for his bedroom that might work. The wheels are spinning now!

  4. I am with you. As a fellow red head I like wearing it but don’t think I could go that bold in a room. But maybe accents here and there.

  5. HA! We will see. It is amazing how some of the Pantone’s colors stick and some don’t. I have seen green done in a classy way but I don’t think you will see it in my house.

  6. Me either. I love it in small doses but you won’t see me painting a wall that dark. I am loving the light and airy feeling in my house right now.

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