If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know I have been teasing you with my biggest DIY ever, showing you sneak peaks of the build.  And everyone keeps asking, “What are you making?”  Well I am letting the cat out of bag.  I am moving my studio from a small 11’ x 10’ bedroom to a 19’ x 14’ space in the loft upstairs. Squuueeealll!


I am building 9 cabinets with adjustable shelves and doors on them as well as a sewing desk, 50 square foot craft island and a large thin shelf on the wall to hold all my Mod Podge and craft paint.  I am not sure how long it is going to take me but here is where I am at currently.  I have the cabinets built and the new flooring laid.  You can see the blue tape on the floor to mark off the island.


Now building is not my specialty.  Sandra from Sawdust and Paperscraps is the brains behind this operation.  I am just the brawn.  HA!  She literally has taught me everything and has Skyped me through each part of the build so far. Here is a quick sketch up of the cabinets and sewing desk minus the doors, shelves and drawers.


Beckie's craft room

Lowes is helping me by providing some of the materials for this projects.  One of the services they provides (which I had NO IDEA before I started this build) is that you can fax or bring in a cut list and they will make the cuts for you.  This literally saved me at least 8 hours of cutting.


So then all I had to do was borrow a friend’s truck and pick the wood up.


They even loaded the car for me.


A few things to think through if you go this route.  First of all make sure you tell them you need as accurate cuts as possible.  Also make sure you tell them to keep all of your scraps leftover from the cuts. DOH!  I forgot to mention that.  Fortunately, they gave me an extra piece of MDF to make up the difference.  Keep in mind they can’t do this super quick so I would give them a few days to make the cuts.  What a great service they offer though, huh???

Well stay tuned to watch this huge project unfold.  It is going to be amazing when it is done.

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  1. Any idea how much the cutting service costs? I love that idea! Their saw would beat mine any day!

  2. BooYaH!!! It’s looking aMazing. I’m glad Lowe’s cut all that MDF for you because that was not going to be fun. I’m just glad I’m helping you via Skype because I DID NOT want to help haul it all upstairs. Bwahahaha. You’re doing great girl!

  3. Shandra I know HD charges .25 cents for anything over 2 cuts but still the cost is probably worth all the time and effort saved since it’s nearly impossible to wield a full sheet through your table saw alone!

  4. WOW! You’re going to have the best work space! Love all of that shelving awesome-ness! Looking forward to seeing more. Great job, Becki and Sandra!!!

  5. Beckie can you feel my jealousy seeping through!! OMG how I wish I had the space for something like this, someday. You are well deserving of an awesome studio and even more so when it’s DIY. You’re very fortunate to have a Lowes nearby who can make accurate cuts, my HD won’t take an advance list much less cut it accurately – always off by at least 1/8″ for certain. I’ll certainly be following along on this build(s) you lucky girl!

  6. That looks so AMAZING so far! Can’t wait to see the end product! So happy for you, that you’re getting a bigger space! I can’t wait to see all the cuteness that you fill it up with.

  7. Awesome! I just made an IKEA hack counter height craft table that’s a fraction of that size but still amazing to me every time I use it. You’re going to love it!

  8. What a wonderful room you will have! Don’t you just love Lowe’s?!? We have given them pretty much all our business for years as they have provided the best service. I love that fact that they currently give a military discount of 10% all year long. We’ve had them cut pieces for us before at no cost but I am not sure how many they will do before charging.

    Looking forward to seeing all the details! Good luck and congratulations!!

  9. I cannot wait to watch this all unfold!! And I had NO idea that Lowe’s would do the cuts for you- even with all the equipment in the garage the time you get back is HUGE!! thanks for sharing that tip!!! ~ Lori

  10. This is going to be a dream space when you are done! I love the flooring and would die for all that shelving and a big island to do crafts on. Thank you for the tips about Lowes…very good to know. Scott and I have been through a couple of projects that required cutting big sheets of plywood and MDF and it is a serious undertaking! Can’t wait to see this space when you are done!

  11. I’ve been following along and I’ll admit that I thought that it was either an amazing walk in closet or an office/library. Never in my wildest DREAMS think of the MOST INCREDIBLE CRAFT ROOM EVER!!!! I’m so excited for you. Love the floors. I’ve had HD do cuts for me in the past. Not real accurate but free. I wish that we had a Lowes nearby…that service rocks! Can’t wait to see your finished project. What a wonderful undertaking! xo

  12. Wow! I am so impressed that you are doing this yourself, with help from another handy gal. 50 sq ft craft island?????? I can’t wait to see that! I use Home Depot for all my cuts, but I didn’t know you can fax in your cuts to Lowes. Usually I end up waiting for someone to show up to the panel saw. What a great service! Good luck on the rest of the project. Can’t wait to see it all. -K

  13. Thank you Kimberly. I am dying for it to be all done. I just want to start organizing my stuff. This is literally saving me 10s of thousands of dollars doing it myself. But unfortunately it is a slow process.

  14. I need every square inch believe me. You should see my pathetic and insanely messy 10′ x 11′ right now. It is embarrassing. It looks like a scene from hoarders.

  15. If you leave it there they shouldn’t charge. As far as I know when I have talked to the corporate office this is a free service. I think maybe they charge in the store because they don’t want to form a line and it is just for quick cuts. But if you leave it there and they can do it when it is slow it is free. I don’t know. You might want to talk to your manager or corporate and see what is up.

  16. I know isn’t that a good tip. I don’t think they advertise it enough, although it is on their website as a service they provide.

  17. Exactly! I hate cutting huge pieces of plywood down. These cuts would have been brutal. So really all I had to do was assemble.

  18. I am under the understanding that if you send it on ahead of time they don’t charge. They just don’t want you to have them cut it all while others wait in line. They can cut yours during slow times when you leave it.

  19. That stinks! I know each stores saw is different but I am under the understanding that HD will do the same for you if you fax or bring the cut list in ahead of time.

  20. Wow and woo-hoo! I’m so excited for you and a teeny bit jealous! Well, maybe a little more then teeny. 🙂 You and Sandra make a great team! I’ve often thought I’d like to crawl inside Sandra’s head and steal some of her building skills. 😀

  21. Wow! That is going to be one awesome space!! I’m moving on up to our bonus room over the next couple of months. I am excited to not have to share a space with our home office any more. It’s no where near as large as yours though.
    Isn’t it exciting to start with a completely blank slate? I can’t wait to see your finishing touches.

  22. So very exciting to have an expanded space to stretch out and get your craft on!!! Thanks so much for the support and advice tonight, I may just be in contact with you–now that I know you return emails. Backfill is #1 on the list, and see if I want to switch ad networks! You’re the best!!!

  23. I know right? I am so stoked to be here first guinea pig. I have visions of creativity in there. I have a lot of work ahead of me but I am ready for it.

  24. Looks like it is going o be amazing! Pretty exciting! I can’t wait to see the end result!!!

  25. This is amazing, you are my S-Hero! Quick Question, I can see that you used MDF for the sided and shelves (as well as the top and bottom), what did you use to cover the back of your bookshelves. Second Question, Why did you not build any bottom support for the bookshelves to sit on???? Thanks

  26. Love all the storage your gonna have! I’m so jealous. Where we live now I only have my little workshop {a wood shed in the back that’s 6′ X 8′} and the area between two guest rooms upstairs for “clean” projects.

  27. It know it is challenging to create in a small space. I am reeeeeaaallly hopeful that this will solve some of those issues.

  28. Lara,
    #1 I used a wood luan to cover the back. #2 I am building bases for them this week they will not sit on the floor like that.

  29. This is TOTALLY awesome and MY dream craft room! I may be copying it (if that’s OK). I too am currently in a 10 x 11 room, but oh myyyyy what I wouldn’t give to have your new room. I DO have a room I could steal! lol I’m anxious to see the progress! I’m totally jealous!

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