I commissioned my friend Lottie from church to make some art for the walls in my playroom.  I told her to use Ashley’s (from Lil Blue Boo) art as the inspiration.  Click here for Ashley’s art site.  I love the whimsy and bright colors Ashley uses in her custom children’s art. Ashley also sews the sweetest outfits for her little girl.  You must check out her blog.  She is fabulous.

She painted them on 24” x 36” canvas with acrylic paints. And here is the new addition to the playroom…IMG_1742 IMG_1745 Aren’t they wonderful? Thanks Lottie you rock!  I loves, loves, loves them!


I still think I want to add some picture frame molding around them and add something in the middle above the storage, maybe some vinyl lettering or something.  For now I am just enjoying filling that space in with a little color and a splash of whimsy.

Click here to see more of the playroom.

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  1. They came out beautifully! They definitely have a whimsy funness to them.

  2. Those are seriously the cutest freakin things EVER!!! What a talent she has.


  3. Those look great! She definitely got inspiration from Ashley from Lil Blue Boo! Wow, your friend is talented…great job!

  4. Super cute – love the whimsy – thinking the canvas toy bins might need to have some pink tossed in in place of the red to bring it all together. Oh, and I think some fabulous quote in those stick on phrase things would be perfect above the whole thing – in a grounding color but whimsical font – thinking black – something by Dr. Suess or just a great kid inspirational quote or even a Bible verse…

  5. Love them! They are absolutely adorable and your friend is super talented!!1

  6. Ok, I am so jealous…those are GREAT! I wish I had that talent or at least a friend who did! 🙂

  7. How pretty. I dare say I would want one, so wondering if there's an age limit? Haha.

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