How to Make a Zipper Necklace

Welcome to Zipper Week!  I know that is not a very creative name.  However, each day this week I will show you a tutorial featuring zippers.  Zippers are hot right now.  They are in the fashion magazines, on celebrities, and showing up in all the department stores.  So join me this week as we accessorize using zippers!  Here is our first project… IMG_0175Supplies Needed:

20” Heavy Duty Polyester Zipper (I like black)


Ribbon or Cord Ends

Jump Rings

Jewelry Pliers


Super Glue


1.  I chose this zipper because it has silver teeth.  I have noticed that silver is limited, there are way more options with a brass-colored teeth.

IMG_0043 2.  Cut as close to the zipper as you want.  If you want a little of the fabric tape to show then cut less off.IMG_0044 3.  Singe the sides of the zipper to seal the ends so they do not fray.

4.  Measure how long you want the zipper necklace to be and cut the ends to your determined length. With pliers take two teeth off each end.IMG_0048 5.  Singe those ends to seal as well.  IMG_0049 6.  Then attach your ribbon or cord end.IMG_0045 IMG_0047IMG_0050 7.  Next attach your jump rings and clasp with your jewelry pliers.IMG_0051 8.  Put it around your neck and make sure it fits to your liking.  Next embellish!

I had some old earrings, covered buttons, and random stuff from my stash.  After a little spray paint and some super glue we were in business.

IMG_0126 9. IMG_0163

It wasn’t enough so I added one more thing…IMG_0165

Much better.  I just glued everything on using some Super Glue and Gorilla Glue.IMG_0168


You can move the embellishment up and down the chain to put it on the necklace wherever you want to.  There are so many options with this necklace.  You can add rosettes, flowers, coiled zippers, old brooches, etc.  Have fun!  If you make one be sure to let me know.  I love to see what you come up with!


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