5 Ways Bedtime Fun Loft Beds

When 8 0’clock rolls around, I don’t think there’s a parent alive who isn’t happy to kiss their sweet kiddos good-night.  No matter how much fun you’ve had together during the day, it’s nice to know your little ones (and big ones) are tucked safely in for the night.  The trick is getting them to bed and especially keeping them in bed, once they become mobile!  I can’t offer you any tricks for sleep training or eliminating the need for multiple stories or drinks of water every night, but I’ll offer you what I can: the knowledge that the more appealing your children’s bedrooms are, the more they’ll look forward to spending time in them.  I just finished building a bed that doubles as a playhouse for my Kyla, and let me tell you, it’s been a hit.  Check out Kyla’s bed and four more that make bedtime more fun with beds that double as play spaces: 5 Ways to Make Bedtime Fun.


1.  Shingled Cottage


A small alcove in this bedroom provided the perfect spot to construct a faux cottage for sleeping and playing.  I love the fun details like real shingles on this playhouse bed at Remodelaholic.

2.  Loft + Alcove


This loft bed at The Handmade Home is wide enough to provide sleeping space for two boys!  The rope ladder makes this extra fun.

3.  Loft with Stairs


There’s something about multi-level sleeping that kids find really appealing, and it’s a great way to add more space for fun in a little person’s room.  Ask Anna design this neat bed with stairs going up to the upper level.

4.  Simple Cottage


Ta-da!  Here’s the bed I built for my daughter.   The horizonal boards and curtained windows really make her feel like she has her own little house inside her room–it’s been so much fun to see Kyla enjoy this!

5.  VW Bus Bed


Okay, hipster kids, I’ve found the bed of your dreams!  This adorable VW bus bed + playhouse combo looks like it could actually drive away to dreamland!  See how it was made at Instructables.

Which of these beds is your favorite?  Do your kids have any big ideas for their bedrooms?

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