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Today is the day that my little girl’s room is done. This sweet space is for my 6-year old daughter Kayla. Before we moved from Indy to Columbus, OH I was just beginning to makeover her room.

When we realized a move was in our future that plan was put on hold.  However, before that, we had built the Pottery Barn Kids knock-off cottage loft bed.

So for about 9 months Kayla has been begging for me to finish the bed.

For 1/10 of the price we built this fun loft bed that hosts many forts, American Girl doll parties and sleepovers.

ttery Barn Kids Cottage Loft Bed KNOCK-OFF

Here is my original inspiration picture from Pottery Barn Kids.

pb kids cottage loft bed

How To Make a Barn Loft Bed

I used the plan that Ana White drew up. However, I did not frame the windows the same.

I much preferred just a basic rectangle frame rather than the angle. If you decide to go that route I would measure and cut the trim after the bed sides are put together.

You will spend a ton of time with your Kreg Jig and a sander.

I sanded each piece before I even assembled the bed. It made it easier to make sure there were no rough edges.

kreg jig cottage loft bed

The entire bed was made of premium pine from Lowes.

You can also save a little money if you rip down some of the leftover pieces of the wider boards to the 1″ x 2″ width.

I did that with my small Rockwell Blade Runner.

cottage loft bed

If you notice I also put my stairs on the right side of the bed rather than the left side because it worked better for the layout of my room.

This is definitely something you want to think about before assembly.

In order to do this, when you get to step 3 just reverse the layout of that side.

cottage loft-bed
cottage loft bed side

Time Saving Tips:

Mark your Pieces

With Blue Painter’s tape mark all of your pieces. Some pieces are similar in size and hard to distinguish unless marked.

cottage loft bed build

Sand as You Go

Sand all the pieces as you go. Once assembled it is hard to get in the crevices with your sander. You will be happy you did it prior.

Spray Paint

Invest in a paint sprayer.

It will take your forever to paint by hand. Plus you get such a great finish with a sprayer.

I primed and painted with my sprayer.

white cottage loft bed

Use Clamps

Kreg Clamps are a must. It will help your Kreg screws go in so much smoother and straighter.

pottery barn kids loft bed knock-off

Use a Spacer

In step 1, 5, and 11 you will need to position your boards 2 1/2″ apart.

Save yourself a truckload of time by cutting a piece of wood 2 1/2″ wide and using that as a spacer.

Mark your spacer with a pencil so you don’t lose it.

cottage loft bed assembly

Don’t need to Use Filler

You will also notice I didn’t fill any of the Kreg pocketholes with wood filler.

Of course you can do this but I chose not to. Once painted, they are hard to even notice and goes along with the cottage look.

Save with the Slats

You don’t need nice boards for the wood slats that hold the bed in.

I just used some plywood I had leftover and ripped it into 3″ pieces and then used wood screws to attach them in place.

loft bed wood slats

The two sides of the unassembled cottage loft bed!

sides of cottage loft bed

This wasn’t a hard build at all.

I would call it an intermediate build because of all the cuts, tools used and time spent into building it.

I will say it was worth the effort.

My daughter loves it and I made the entire thing for less than $150.

knock-off pottery barn bed

I purchased some 11″ – 18″ tension rods from Bed, Bath and Beyond and made some curtains.

I sewed a casing in the top and bottom so they can be pushed opened and closed and provide less light than if they were free flowing at the bottom.

cottage loft bed curtains
pb kids cottage loft bed
cottage loft bed curtains

The swag was made from the symphony broadcloth from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.

However, if you can find your colors in the country classic solid fabrics I would suggest that.

It won’t have as many strings when you rip them and looks nicer.

rag garland swag

The hook on the side of the bed is a brass and pink glass knob from D. Lawless Hardware.

dlawless hardware hook

Kayla normally hangs her clothes for the next day on it, which helps our morning routine go a bit faster.

pb kids cottage loft bed knock-off

Now I am not going to lie.

Just like every high bed out there, bunk beds included, it is a pain in the tush to change the sheets.

It is definitely a two-man job, or a one-sweaty-woman-job.

cottage loft bed top

But think of all the fun to be had.

Kayla constantly closes the curtains and hangs blankets over the stairs and door and brings a flashlight underneath.

She will read like that and play with her dolls. I can hear her all by herself under there talking to Ella Grace (her American Girl doll).

It is pretty cute.

cottage loft bed underneath
pottery barn kids cottage loft-bed

Squeeeall!  Another room in my newish (we have been in it 6 months) house is done!

I will show you the full reveal of the room next but here are some other projects from her room.

Mint Chocolate Chip Dresser

Little Girl’s Room Gallery Wall

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  1. Beckie,

    When I saw this bed the first I really wanted to make it and you make it look so easy. LOL, I am thinking its not, but worth it because your girl loves it. Great knock-off.


  2. Does…does this maybe come in adult size?!?! Because I would totally sleep in a loft bed, if it meant I had a playhouse underneath.
    Err, I mean, I don’t need a play house. I need an office. Yeah. A play house shaped office! 😀

  3. Wow Beckie, you have outdone yourself!! I can’t believe how beautiful it turned out. One of my favorite projects that you’ve ever posted! You are beyond amazing my friend!!

  4. Fabulous!
    We made loft and bunk beds for our kids so I completely understand about the headache of making the top bed.
    What I did that was helpful was to alter the linens. The top sheet – make a fitted top sheet (make box corners at one end just like the fitted bottom sheet has). You may also want to make the sheet a bit narrower so that there is less hanging over the side of the mattress (since there is no place for the extra fabric to ‘hang’ and it’s difficult to tuck in the extra sheet fabric.
    The blankets – hem the sides to make them narrower.
    Comforter – also make it narrower.

  5. Looks great! I am huge fan of Ana White ( I thought of her as I stumbled upon this post), even though I have never built anything.

  6. My first thought was, “That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” My second, thought was, “How the heck do you change the sheets?” I’m glad you mentioned how hard it is because my third thought was, “I guess I’m the only lazy person in the world who would think of that.” Thanks for sharing your amazing project!

  7. Simply amazing. Puts our sad bed hack to shame. My 3 girls wanted to be in 1 room and so that’s been a whole fun adventure figuring out how to fit 3 beds in there. Kayla is one lucky chika to have you as her mom! Looks so awesome I wish I had one for myself! 🙂

  8. Wow! I always stumble upon your blog when I’m looking for a new idea, today was no exception! I think I would spend as much money as the Pottery Barn Bed on the required tools to build this though! Beautiful job!

  9. Thank you, Christy. Yeah, it only cost me $150 for the wood. It would definitely add to the cost if you had to purchase all the tools. However, if you plan to do more building in the future, it’s worth the investment.

  10. I absolutely love how your bed turned out! I agree you make it look doable! Thank you for the tips and tricks! I have one question that I can’t seem to tell from your pictures or the bed plans. How and where did you attache the 4 walls together? I noticed on the plans it said to screw them together every 6 to 8 inches but I don’t see any visible screws. Can you help me out?

  11. I screwed them from the back of the bed toward the front of the bed, so they wouldn’t be seen from the front, and then I painted over them so they would blend in. Hope that helps!

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