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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of sugru.


When I got the opportunity to work with sugru I jumped at it.  I love love love trying new products and that it was the coolest invention since the DVR – I know I am impressed too. The jist of this magic squishy self-setting rubber is that you form it in your hands and shape it how you need it and then let it sit for 24 hours and it turns into this grippy, soft rubber.  You can use it on a zillion different things.  I call it my “fix annoying things in my house” solution.

Annoying Fix #1: My plastic handle on my curling iron had broken months ago.  Curling my hair without the plastic thumb thingy proves difficult since the barrel heats up quite and bit.  I have been wrapping a cotton round on it to do my hair without burning my thumb. Enter sugru


I grabbed some sugru and molded it like play-doh and formed it around the handle.  24 hours later it was set and able to withstand the heat.



Annoying Fix #2: Next up was my headphones.  My headphones are marked by the tiniest L and R for left and right.  However, when I am exercising I can barely see the L and R while sweating.


So I used a little rope of blue sugru and formed it around the left one to distinguish between the left and right.


Annoying Fix #3: Next up was my broken electric skillet.  I dropped this skillet like a week after I got it and it has been broken for years.  It is still fully functioning but again…it just annoys me because the foot always moves and I have to adjust it.


While I don’t have the missing piece of plastic, I can make sure the foot and the side stay together by adding a little sugru..


Annoying Fix #4 My last annoyance that was changed by sugru was the plastic containers in my kitchen drawers. They always slide back and forth when I open and close the drawer.


I added a little sugru grips to the bottom and they no longer move around in the drawer.


I think a pack of sugru belongs in every home for a those little annoyances that can be fixed by a little self-setting rubber.  The hardest part is waiting 24 hours for it to be set.  So who wants some?


And one of my amazing readers will win a sugru prize pack of 8 multi-color mini packs, a magnet kit and a 3-pack of the white.

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  1. Our cutting board wobbles and we have replaced the feet but it still wobbles when you are cutting something large. I would use sugru to keep it steady.

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