These are the links to various resources mentioned in the videos that will help you with your essential oil journey.

The Essential Life Book – a must have to help you navigate your use of essential oils. This is my essential oil bible. I literally open it every single day.

Glass Water Bottles – Make sure you use glass or stainless steel and not plastic water bottles. The oils are so powerful and can leach into the plastic. YUCK!

Stainless Steel Water Bottle – I prefer stainless steel because it keeps my water cooler than a glass one

Fractionated Coconut Oil – doTERRA sells a 4 oz. one that is perfect when you want a drop at a time. But to fill your roller bottles I recommend a pump like this one.

Roller Balls, Diffusers and Sample Vials – Use the code “ICOILS†to receive 10% off your order

Spray bottles: I usually buy them from Oil Life because they are cheaper. But sometimes with shipping Amazon is better since they ship so fast. I linked to the 16-ounce bottles which are great for cleaning sprays.