5 Ways to Get this Look: Aqua and Yellow Living Room

Hiya Papaya shared pictures of a really pretty house in the Utah Parade of Homes, designed and built by  Lindy Allen of Four Chairs Furniture and Cadence Homes….and I’m pretty much crushing on every room.  Especially this living room, which is such a perfect combination of a neutral pallet with bright pops of color.  Well, you’ll be happy to know I’ve done the leg work for you, and found five DIY projects that will help you achieve a look similar to the decor of this pretty room.  Enjoy!
Hiya Papaya living room inspiration numbered

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5 Ways to Get This Look: Colorful Family Room

A family room should be all about the family that lives in it.   If your family is energetic and playful, it doesn’t make sense for the room you spend the most time in to be a quiet mix of bland neutrals.  Something much more colorful is in order, like this lively room pictured in Better Homes & Gardens.  I challenged myself to find 5 DIY projects that might be used to recreate this look.

BH&G Inspiration Pic

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