Free Printable Blog Planner and Calendar

A couple of years ago I created the perfect blog calendar –at least it was for me. I have used it since then to stay organized. With over 192,000 pins I would say many of you downloaded it and have found it to be helpful as well.  I updated the design a little bit and also have 7 new colors available. You’ll want to read the other post to see how I bound it – there is a little video including why I did what I did.


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My Blog Story Part 15

I was shocked at how much press I got for being a Craft War loser.  I guess besides sports in Indianapolis there isn’t much to talk about…ha!  I joke!  I was able to get three articles in our local newspapers over the course of that month which was really fun and opened up doors for local opportunities.  


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My Blog Story Part 14

I am continuing on today with my blog story.  If you missed one or want to start at the beginning, you can do so here. So April arrived, and I flew to Los Angeles for the taping of Craft Wars.  It was so interesting to really see all that goes into one TV show.  WOW!  {…Read More…}

Better Blogging Part 2

Brooke from All Things Thrifty and Court from The Blog Builders and I did our second Google Hangout to tackle blogging issues. Each hangout we ask a newer or smaller blogger to come on as a guest to ask us questions. This time our guest was Jessica, the very talented and super hard-working momma from Mom 4 Real.  She had some excellent questions.  If you are a blogger it will be worth an hour of your time to watch this.

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