Zenni Optical – give it a try!

This post brought to you by Zenni Optical. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was so excited when I got the opportunity to advertise for Zenni Optical.  I was just talking on Facebook about three weeks ago asking you guys what you thought of Zenni Optical. In today’s economy, I have heard more and more people trying out Zenni due to their cheap eyeglasses. I got favorable responses from you and a two thumbs up from my mom so I decided to go ahead and try them.


I somehow misplaced my pair of $230 eyeglasses (thank you insurance) from Target.  So frustrating!  I am not a huge glasses wearer, generally I just wear them at night and while driving, but I need them to give my eyes a rest from contacts daily.  So after a month of not being able to find my glasses I figured for the health of my eyes I needed to buy some.  Since this was out of my pocket, and being the frugal gal I am, I decided to give Zenni a try.  Armed with my written prescription and an uploaded picture of myself I virtually “tried on” glasses. *I will spare you the uploaded picture of me without make-up and greasy hair. The site itself is so user friendly and you can even pick the color frame you want in order to narrow down the choices.  I chose frame #273515 for $9.95. zenni frame 273515

I also added clip-on sunglasses for an additional $3.95.  Dorky I know, but I need to have sunglasses when I travel in the car.  I also upgraded my lens to the polycarbonate one because that is what my optometrist told me too and I just blindly obeyed Winking smile which added $9 to my total. $4.95 for shipping and I had a pair of glasses, out the door and to my mailbox in two weeks for $27.85.


It came via the post office in a little plastic hard case with a cleansing cloth.  Seriously for $27.85 I can buy 8 pairs of glasses from Zenni for the price I paid at Target optical.


The only con for me is that my lenses are thicker due to my prescription (-5.75 and —6.0) so if I were to wear these all the time Zenni recommends that I would have gotten the upgraded thinner lenses (for aesthetic purposes) for an additional $79.  However, since these frames I chose were a thicker plastic it hides the thicker lenses so I am fine with it.  Even so, to get a pair of glasses under $100 is pretty good nowadays.

I give Zenni a two thumbs up and I will DEFINITELY use them again and if you are my “in real life friend”, you will probably hear about them!

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