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After I refinished the deck putting our patio set with the worn, nasty cushions on there did not bode well with me.  On Facebook in March I had asked if anyone knew where to find cushions inexpensively.  I went to every store under the sun and every store online.  With as many cushions as I needed it would have cost me more money in cushions then the whole set cost me three years ago.  So I just put it out of my mind figuring I would suck it up and in the winter I would sew new cushion covers with some outdoor fabric that I would hopefully find on clearance.

But with all the time and effort we put into refinishing our deck I just HAD to have new cushions. It seem sacrireligious to have the ripped and worn cushions on our beautiful deck.  I went to Lowes, Home Depot, Garden Ridge and Old Time Pottery and couldn’t find anything I liked.  Plus my cushions were oversized so even the ones I liked wouldn’t work.  So I ended up at Wal-mart and got some Better Homes & Gardens outdoor deep-seat cushions.  They were 20% off.  I ended up going to three stores to get all the ones I needed.


I spent $335! On cushions for goodness sake!  The whole set itself cost me $425.  I am still appalled by how much I had to spend.  I am not saying the people who painstakingly made these cushions do not deserve to be paid well, because believe me, cushions are terrible to sew.  I just can’t believe I spent $335.  My husband finally convinced me to just buy them after I spent about 10 hours looking for a great deal which was never to be had.


Plus since my cushions were oversized they are still not a perfect fit.  So this post it supposed to be cathartic for me.  I spent $335 on cushions, but it looks nice and it is over with, right?  Does anyone feel my pain?

P.S.  Before you tell me this area looks unfinished – I know that. Outdoor décor coming soon!

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  1. They look amazing!! So does your deck! I hear you. Especially as a DIYer it can be hard to bite the bullet! But you save so much money in other areas 😉 So it is all good!

  2. Please tell me no one is rude enough to tell you this looks unfinished! I love the color & I think you saved a bundle of time and heartache by not sewing them all up yourself. It looks like a great place to relax & put your feet up after a long day’s work!

  3. Sometimes we save money where we can, and have to spend carefully at other times. Remember, “time is money” too! You can’t drive yourself crazy trying to find the best bargain. I think they look great, sit back and enjoy 🙂

  4. Ah. . . About 10 years ago I spent the outrageous sum of $79 each on two lounge cushions for our deck. We have them to this day and other than being a bit lighter in color from being in the sun, they are still just great. Worth every penny. So go sit on them and enjoy!

  5. It looks great! The color is wonderful too. Nice and subtle… they’ll look wonderful with anything else you choose to add.

    PS-It is crazy how much those things cost!

  6. Ahh, I so feel your pain on this! It seems like all of our patio cushions wore out at the same time and we have a LOT of patio furniture and after digging online for deals that, like you said, are not to be had. I’ve been sucking it up and buying the cushions. I’m doing a little at a time as we have several seating areas, as long as each seating area matches, they don’t all have to match each other. It is painful though! And as an incurable bargain hunter, it just kills me to have to spend this much on CUSHIONS!!!

  7. I can relate, I looked everywhere, and there’s no getting around it nice cushions are pricey! At some point it’s easier to bite the bullet and be done with the brain damage! Enjoy your gorgeous deck!

  8. OUCH! It looks great though. Love the colors and it does go well with the color of the deck.


  9. I totally feel your pain. I am in dire need of new cushions but they will never be in my budget. Your deck looks beautiful, finished or not.

  10. I understand! I do the exact same thing….spend days bargain hunting and then begrudgingly spend more than I wanted to. But I love the color you chose and that is a good deal for all those cushions. Enjoy it!

  11. It’s expensive because of the cost of materials…have you had custom cushions made before? I have. It cost me nearly $300 to have new cushions made for 4 over-sized arm chairs (and I provided my own fabric…another $50+ to buy that). The foam is not cheap, nor the labor, and the covers were all made to be removable, so add in 4 zippers to the cost. I could have made them myself, and saved some money, had I owned a sewing machine at the time!

    Why did I spend that much? Because my hubby refused to give up the set he owned when we met, and I refused to sit on dingy, filthy-looking pancakes for cushions. It was our compromise.

    It’s been over 10 years, and they still look nice, although they have recently been replaced by a nicer dining set, and have been relocated to our patio and re-purposed as patio furniture.

  12. Totally feel your pain. I got a great Craigslist real on my deck furniture and then spent over twice as much on the cushions. It was totally worth it though – I love my deck.

  13. I totally feel your pain! Yours look great! I’ve searched everywhere for new cushions for the past two years but can’t find any that fit. Hope I can find someone to just make new covers for me and hope the insert is salvageable!

  14. Such lovely cushions. You only spent $335 on those?! That’s good bargain hunting and making cushions this winter sounds not so awesome. The act of doing so, I mean; I’m sure you’d produce very awesome cushions. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet, and it looks like that was a good choice here.

  15. I just bought the same brand yesterday (different style though). I had material to make them (I can take it back ) but I kept putting it off so I finally bought them too when I saw 20% off. (Before when I waited till 50% they don’t usually have anything left.) My cushions were for the front porch so I only need 3 but still felt like you.

    FYI, I do love you deck!!

  16. Sometimes, you just have to go ahead and spend the money, get it over with, and ENJOY the fruits of your labor. Your deck looks fabulous!

  17. Thanks Andrea. It makes me feel better to know others just suck it up and do it too! Making cushions is a pain in the bootay!

  18. Yes, but that is why we are so frugal- so on the occasions you HAVE to spend $ you don’t have to feel guilty about it! See- it’s a balance so don’tworry too much. It’s looks greaT!

  19. Beckie I FEEL your pain! And I want to help you feel a little better by telling you my pain in the outdoor cushion department. I just paid $149 for a set of replacement cushions that were on clearance at Frontgate. Not bad right? Well if I only needed one, but that wasn’t the case, I needed 13 sets. I have a large yard which in turn needs a lot of seating, which means a lot of patio furniture and cushions. For the pieces I have, the regular replacement price runs about $483 per cushion set and up…times 13, OUCH! Replacement cushions are so darn expensive! Who would of known.

  20. Same story! We just moved, and I tossed the nasty ones. Now, Im wishing I would have tried to at least salvage the foam! So pricey!

  21. Oh my you win for sure! Now I just sound like a whiner {giggle}. I think I would make everyone since on grass..haha!

  22. I just seen this set for $149.99……ha,ha, You know I’m just kidding. In fact, I do feel your pain. I was looking at cushions a couple of weeks ago and I just do not want to spend the $$ for them. I’m holding out for winter time to see if any will be on clearance at Lowe’s. I’m also needing the oversized ones. Mine are in fine shape at the moment so no big rush.
    Your new deck and cushions look great!!

  23. My husband was once commissioned to paint six teepees for a stop on the lovely Niobrara River, so I am here to offer a strange bit of advice: You can waterproof canvas with polyurethane. Yup, DYI water repellant fabric. The teepees were retreated every year for about ten years and left up from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Weathered well, and my husband’s designed weathered the storms. So far, I have only tried this on canvas pillows (I recovered thrift store pillows), but they are also holding up well.

  24. I can feel your pain! I’ve been searching all Spring/Summer for new cushions for just 2 seats & backs & I can’t believe how much they cost! Granted, the seats I need them for came from an auction & only cost $2 so you’d think I could splurge a little on cushions but it’s turning my bargain into a “not so much of a bargain” :).

  25. Even with fabric on sale, I’m not sure you would have saved all that much. Besides your time is worth something, too!

  26. I went through the same thing last summer and bought those exact cushions. They’re on their second season and they look the same as they did when we put them out originally. I have no complaint at all about the investment. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet… 🙂

  27. Oh my goodness, I’m so glad someone else had this dilemma! I had a set of Martha Stewart patio furniture and over the years it was all beat up. This year my plan was to spray paint it a bright cute color and put the new cushions on but I found the same issue, a new set would cost just as much by the time I bought new cushions! I did find some really cute ones similar to the color of yours at Target on clearance for a great price but I would have to search all the Targets and with gas prices I just wasn’t up to it. I keep putting of until “next year”. I think I might look for a bargain for a new patio set on clearance.

  28. I know! I went through the same turmoil last summer and finally bit the bullet and bought the Better Homes cushions at Walmart also. It’s kind of a crazy racket how much outdoor furniture costs! Your space looks beautiful though!

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