You Inspire Me!

April from Home Hinges was inspired by my Roadkill Rescued TV Stand to Console Table.  Lo and behold she was driving one day and spotted one herself!

Here’s a teaser of the final product. A gorgeous vertical shelving unit to hold all of her piano music.

TV Hutch final

She found it curbside and decided to be a Roadkill Rescue Hero.  Atta girl!

Curbside TV

She says, “It was an OLD TV. Like the kind I remember from when I was five. The kind you actually had to walk up to in order to turn the dial to change the channels.

If you don’t have similar memories then I don’t like you because you probably don’t have any wrinkles yet either. You probably don’t remember listening to things like the Care Bears Christmas album on a record player either, but that’s another story.”

Curbside TV Knobs

I was not initially inspired, thus I too drove past it on my merry way for several days. But I recently saw Beckie’s transformation of a similar piece on her blog Infarrantly Creative, which got my little brain churning. If she could do it… What’s to lose? So in the middle of a horrific rain storm, the kind we only get two or three times a year, I zoomed over to the curb on which this pathetic thing sat.

Not wanting to wait until my husband got home (because he would think I had finally lost my mind), I decided to just start gutting it right there in the car with the hope that once it was gutted I could muscle the frame out myself.

Taking apart the TV

Some of the guts

The TV shell

At this point I was just hoping this wasn’t a huge mistake. But if Beckie could do it…

Thus pushing ahead I used scraps of materials in the garage to make a box inside the shell. Since I thought it would be nice to use for piano music I decided to put in vertical dividers. I just hate it when books fall over into a pile and I’ve found vertical dividers on shelves really help with this. It also made sense since sheet music is often very tall.

TV interior with dividers

I also trimmed out the front to hide the plastic molding used to attach the TV to the frame.

Molding on TV

So after caulking it was finally ready to prime and paint.

Ready to Prime

I used some Kilz 2 primer I had on hand and some "oops" paint I mixed together to get this lovely grayish-blue.

Painted gray-blue

Once that was dry I went over the whole piece with a cream color I used on my roadside mirror. I just dry brushed on the cream color, highlighting the molding of the old TV shell and giving it a little bit of a brushed over look.

Molding detail

In the end my husband is no longer questioning my sanity, and I have a beautiful new hutch for holding all the piano music that used to be spilling over the top of the piano.

TV Hutch final 2

The best part though it that it was 100% FREE.


I Read Home Hinges

Great job April.  Thanks for sharing it with me and letting me share you with my readers.  Click on over to see the full post!