Yellow paint dresser

My friend Jessica got this old dresser from a junk store in downtown Indy. Unfortunately they didn’t have all the hardware so she had to purchase some. Plus it was in pretty rough shape. Dresser makeover loading…

I know I catch flack from some of you when I paint vintage furniture but when it isn’t in great shape refinishing is a daunting task. And when you want a yellow dresser, you paint!


It started out needing some love – knobless, chipping and cracking. The drawers are curvy and it is such a fun piece of furniture with great detail.

Certainly a little yellow paint with distressing would make this piece POP!

You can see here how I repurposed another dresser with $1.


I have seen some dirty furniture in my life – but this took the cake. Guessing this was stored in a garage or barn.



Yellow Dresser Makeover

Step 1 – The top

I decide to strip the top because no amount of washing was getting the skank off the top. So I poured a thick coat of stripper on it and used a metal scraper to scrap the finish off.

Then I filled all the cracks with wood filler. Lastly, I sanded the entire piece down smooth with various grits of sandpaper.

sanding dresser drawers

Step 2 – Spray Paint

Once it was prepped I thinned some Dutch Boy Sun Safari paint and loaded it into my paint sprayer.

We also taped off the drawers with some Scotch Blue Tape with Film.

Then I gave it two light coats (drying in between).


Step 3 – Let it Dry

I let it dry a full 24 hours and then used an 80 grit sandpaper to distress it.


Step 4 – The hardware

I attached the new hardware and gave it back to Jessica to take occupancy in her master bedroom.

distressed yellow painted dresser
IMG_9999 copy

And because everybody loves and good before and after picture!


I love how Jessica styled it with the black and white photos of her kids. It is the perfect contrast with the bright yellow dresser.

So what do you think? Love yellow or hate it?

If you love the vibrant pop of painted furniture check out this coral painted dresser here.

And 25 creative Ideas to Repurpose an Old Dresser are here.


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  1. Nice! I agree with you, if it’s in really bad shape, it would have to be pretty special to the family for me to take time to refinish it. I LOVE paint b/c it’s so easy! Turned out really cute!
    The hardware looks nice too.

  2. I love this! I would love to have an eye like yours and create something beautiful out of something I never would think of buying!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love it! I love yellow and I painted a similar dresser for our home yellow as well, so of course I love it!!!

    Love the new hardware and the black and white pictures! It really brings it all together!

  4. The dresser looks great. I have a piece that my husband has had from his college apartment that was left there by a previous occupant. It has sat in our basement for a long time and looks really rough. It has great lines though. This gives me hope it might able to be salvaged after seeing this transformation.

  5. Where is this junk shop? I live up past Anderson, and there’s nothing good around here. I’m on the hunt for good shopping spots worth the drive.

  6. I grew up in, then owned, our antique-filled house that was built in 1760. From experience, a piece only has value when it is wanted. I say that unless an item is worth thousands, give the poor thing new life and purpose. I applaud you Beckie! Your results are always awesome!

  7. I’m usually one of those oh-don’t-paint-it types, but I have to admit, this time, especially since it was in such bad shape…it looks great! You did good! 🙂 My daughter wants yellow furniture…her’s is all “pretend” wood anyway, so hopefully this summer her’s will be getting a pretty yellow makeover too.

  8. I love it! The color is great and the details in the dresser look wonderful.
    I would love to try a paint sprayer on my next project.

  9. Very pretty! You know, I have a dresser this exact same color and I think it’s kind of ugly. But, somehow, you make it look beautiful lol.

  10. I am on the lookout for a similar dresser and love the color! Thanks for the inspiration.

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  12. I have this very same dresser, chest of drawers, bed and side tables! I was thinking about painting them, but couldn’t get enough nerve up to do it! Thank you for the inspiration!

  13. Hi Becky, I adore this beautiful yellow color you chose. What a wonderful project. I am pinning!

    Warmly, Michelle
    PS – Will you be at SNAP?

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