Yeah…Friends! (who like games)

We invited a couple from church over tonight for dinner. They were our official first guests. Their names are Ryan & Amy. And guess what? They like games…well at least Amy does. They actually brought over a game that I hadn’t played…yes I thought it was impossible. It is called Blokus (I am not sure if it is pronounced like Block-us or like Bloke-us).

It is a little bit like Tetris, reminded me of geometry which I think I failed. You can play it online…check it out (Not you Shannon, it is a strategy game…ha ha). Anywho, I lost. Which was very sad. This is Ryan making a sneaky move. The second is Amy gloating. Grrrr!

But then we played Crokinole and the girls one. So the Blokus loss felt redeemed.

Can I just say I love Tuesdays? From 10-2 Isaac is at the church for Parents Day Out. Do you know what a woman can get accomplished in 4 hours? Well let me tell you. I went to Kroger, Walmart, CVS, ate lunch and had a nooner with my hubby. Is that TMI?

Plus let me tell you what I bought today at Walmart…two Reynolds Wrap Pre Cut Aluminum Foil 25 ct., 4 Tylenol Rapid Release 20 ct., 3 sets of post-its, a 4 pack of Atkins drinks, a travel size Johnsons lotion and Clean & Clear Face Wash, 2 Travel Colgate Kid’s Toothpaste, 2 packs of Huggies Clean Team Baby Wipes (40 ct.), and 1 Gum Toothbrush for a grand total of $1.43. I love coupons. You should have seen the guys face ringing me up. It was priceless. Hugs!

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  1. yes, waaaay too much information! but i want a ‘parents day out’!! how cool is that!

  2. ok, if you are talking to me ON THE PHONE…MAYBE not TMI…..BUT ON YOUR BLOG….TTTTMMMMMIIIII!!! Glad you had fun playing games….wish it was with me instead of those other people! =(

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