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I had heard about this before but never really tried. Until now, after finding this lovely handwritten recipe in my Granma’s kitchen drawer. She used to be in Weight Watchers all the time on and off. Bless her.

Her and her bestie Gloria loved cakes so much and were always looking for the ones with less calories (or points!) so they could still have their afternoon tea and cake time.

I have done it as well with the Betty Crocker Zesty Lemon Cake mix but this time decided to give it a go with a Gluten-Free Lemon cake mix. I am really impressed to say the least.

I cannot tell you how many points that is but lovely Gloria said it was 4 point the slice haha. How big the slice is? That is a question for her, right?

Let’s Give it the Infarrantly Creative touch

Basically I never follow a recipe to the T so I have decided to tweak it a little and use the Gluten Free Lemon cake Mix instead. Also assumed the 7Up will be Non-sugar. And for the Cream I prefer to go non-dairy too.

You can check the video down at the bottom.


Here the very simple 4 ingredients used:

  • Gluten Free Lemon Cake Mix
  • Can of 7UP
  • Double Cream (non-dairy)
  • 1 lemon

I found after doing it that you don’t really need the sifter for this particular cake mix, just so you know and I’ll use the juice of half a lemon and the zest.

What you really need is a big bowl. Bigger than you think. The fizziness of the soda will make the mix to raise so you want to be on the safe side.

Pour the dry mix into the bowl (no need for sifter) and then add slowly the 7Up. Mix it but not very thoroughly as we don’t want to kill whatever the reaction this two create together and we want a fluffy cake.

Spray the silicon mould with the oil of your choice. I like to use coconut oil. And pour it into the mould (yes, it is that simple, I could not believe it either).

Pop into the oven for about 45 min at 200 Degrees Celsius (I honestly think 350F is absolutely fine too) and then whisk the cream in the meantime to get it ready.

Half way add the juice of half lemon and finish it off.

Once it is baked, allow half an hour to cool down.

And then add the cream on top with a spatula. I like the rough look of it but you could make it smooth and flat too. And then add some lemon zest on top.

Honestly I think this is the quickest cake I have ever made and I cannot tell you how incredibly moist and tasty it is! I am totally making cakes like this and trying different flavours next!

See the video for the Betty Crocker Lemon Cake with 7up here.

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