He looks really excited about it too.

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  1. Yeah!!! Congrats on becoming a big brother Isaac – you are going to love it!

  2. Oh Congratulations Becky! I hope everything is going well. Btw, I tried to solder again a few weeks ago and let’s just say…it wasn’t pretty LOL! Not quite the same without your sage wisdom and advice. Boy, do I need some practice!

  3. I was waiting for this one! YEAH! were pregnant together again, i love it! Love you tons and am so excited for Isaac too! He’s gonna be great!

  4. Hello from Delaware…it’s Matt and Melissa. Congratulations on expecting #2. That is very exciting.

    P.S. I hope your allergies are doing better. Matt is allergic to everything…so we have been down this road. We have a special mattress cover that we zip over our entire mattress and it keeps out allergens. Matt uses a smaller one like this on his pillow. I wash our bedding once a week in Hot water. All this has helped. When we get the energy and time…ha, ha, we need to take up our carpet and refinish the hard wood floors…this is said to help. Anyway, enough of this. Enjoy your night.



  5. Oh Beckie! I am so happy for you and Tim! Give Isaac a big hug from us!

  6. WOOHOO!! I think I’ve figured out that our kids will be about the same age distance apart. Griffin will be three years older than ‘Baby Bob’. I’m realizing more and more that this is a nice age difference. Griffin’s just getting to a much more independent age…and is almost potty trained!

    Excited for you guys!

  7. i’m lurking over from SITS~what kind of KIA do you drive? we’re looking at buying a SOrrento

  8. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!Wordless Wednesday can’t really ever be wordless! Praise THE LORD! Congrats, girlfriend!

  9. Too funny – we had a care group garage sale this past weekend and there was a fun little chest of drawers and of course, your name came up about how inspiring you are and how amazing you are to get so much done in short time – we chalked it up to “JUST” having one kiddo and then we were speculating that you would probably have two before long – low and behold – timing is everything. Congratulations!

  10. OK…this is why were are friends…

    Just TODAY I was reliving LU memories with a friend, thinking to myself, “Wonder when we’re allowed to tell Beck’s news?” ‘Cause I’m tired of writing, “I love ALL of you,” and hoping that you get the ALL hint, as in ALL FOUR OF YOU!!!!

    I’m glad it’s out now, so I can freely discuss yet another pregnancy with you.

    This one’s gonna be a girl…oh yes, I feel it in bones, Rebecca Marie.

  11. Yay! God is good. I had heard from a little bird that you had a bun in the oven! I was waiting for the post! :0)
    So, so happy for you!!

  12. Congratulations! What fun!

    I am planning to link to your spray painted desk post from my Saturday post if that’s OK with you. Love your blog!

  13. oh, he looks VERY excited! LOL! But we all are! we missed ya’ll at the Madison’s tonight!

  14. I am very excited for all of you. The little time line thing is cute. But that 199 days left thing, sounds like a long time. That’s ok, lots of time for decorating a new room, and shopping!

  15. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Cant wait to join ya in the next few months i hope… What a TRUE blessing. Hope the first trimester is better than the last!

  16. Hey Beckie – I thought I’d check out your blog because I haven’t in a while and what a day to look! What exciting news! I’m so happy for you and Tim.
    Amy Jenkins

  17. We love you guys! So happy for you. We haven’t seen you on skype in ages. We are in our hectic season, but have a couple days of down time. We’ll try to call you.

    Hugs from Africa,

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