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The holiday decor is all put away and I always have the feeling that less is more at this time of the year.  Part of less is more is finding home decor items that are just simple and can be used in multiple ways.  This time of year in Ohio there are pine cones and branches in abundance on the ground.  It is the perfect time of year to bring the outside inside.  Now the branches and slices I got from the store, however you can easily look in your backyard or local forests to find branches that have fallen that you can cut up.  The fun part is trying your hand at wood burning.  It is really an easy process with the right tools and might be my new “phase,†as my husband likes to call it.  This was my first try at wood burning and it has definitely whet my appetite to try something bigger.

Wood Burned Wood Slice


Jute twine

Wood Slices (ornament size)

Birch log (found at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores)

Birch Slices (found at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores)

Wood Burning Tool

alphabet wood burning stamps

drill with drill bit

needlenose pliers (to change out woodburning tool)

1.  This centerpiece or shelf decor is so simple to put together.  I literally opened the three pack of wood slices and set the birch branch on top.  You would wood glue them together but I like just stacking them because it gives me more options down the road.


2.  Next I found a wood slice the size I wanted and plugged in the wood burning tool.  It is really simple to remove the different tips from the tool simply with needlenose pliers.


3.  You will need to let the gun heat up or 4-5 minutes before you start the wood burning process.  Meanwhile drill a small hole in the top of a wood slice.


4.  Grab a spare piece of wood and practice until you get the feel of how much pressure to exert. When you are ready press the tip to the wood and hold steady for a couple of seconds.  Then I kind of wiggle it a little pressing down in a circle like pattern, but making sure the stamp doesn’t leave the wood.  Slowly remove when the letter is fully impressed.


5.  Repeat for each letter, keeping in mind you have to let the gun cool down between each one before you remove the tip.



6.  To burn a plus sign in the middle I used one of the tips that came with the kit and kind of “drew†it into the wood using the tip to press down to give it a more uniform look.


7.  Once you get the look you want tie twine around the birch long and tie your tag on.  Simple, custom and adorable.


You can see the edge of the tool pressed where I didn’t want it to.  Part of the beauty of simplicity is letting go of perfection.  It is still beautiful!

Tim + Beckie = true love


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DSC_0318wood slice wood burn_

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