The grand prize of a Silhouette machine is:

Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool 

Julie (

I know you can use 28 other codes to order your Cyber Monday Silhouette Deal.  But if you want to use “IHEARTIC” you will receive a 4 pack of cupcake magnets as an IC thank you.  Just email me to let me know you used my code and I will send you your free gift.IMG_1622This Cyber Monday Deal also includes:
1 Roll of Cream vinyl ( $7.99)
1 Roll of transfer paper ( $7.99)
1 Home decor CD (Value $55)
Total ($70.98)
All for ONLY $199!!
That’s almost $200 dollar in savings! Wahoo! Click below to shop!

Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool 


The 3 winners of Mandie’s (from Altar’d) e-book is:

Alyssa (

Carolyn (

Gina (


The winner of the Mint Cleaner Blog Hop is:

Fishy People


Winner you must email me. at If you don’t claim your prize within 72 hours I will pick a new winner.

This week I got to participate in Stephanie’s Handmade Ornaments series.  There were 23 other talented bloggers.  They are some beauties for sure.  Go check out Stephanie’s house for some ornament inspiration.


We will continue on with our Pennywise Presents post this week.  I hope all of my new followers will stick around for some crafty gift idea inspiration.Saved pennies spilling out of a Santa stocking.

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  1. Congratulations to all the winners!

    I am finally getting around to ordering the Silhouette… ha ha! It took me long enough. It been what, something like 6 months that I've been pestering you, asking all kinds of Silhouette questions. 🙂

    Having a great week!

  2. Yours is by far the best deal I have seen on the internet. Believe me, I've been looking 😉 I'm not going to find one cheaper with all the extras, so I'm taking the plunge! I will email you when I use the code. Thanks so much!

  3. DUDE!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? I am totally freaking out. And yes, I realize that I sound like a bad California movie from the 80's. But I won a Silhouette yo!!! Thank you so very, very, very, very much. Yay yay yay yay!

  4. Congrats to Julie for winning!
    I just used your code and ordered one of the deals. Can't wait to get it! (gail from My Repurposed Life sent me over, said if I was going to get one anyway I should make sure I went thru your link. 🙂 Isn't she great?)

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