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I have gotten to try two really awesome steamin’ cleanin’ machines from Home Right.  Last month I showed you the original  Home Right Steam Machine and this month I am reviewing the Steam Machine Plus.  I think everyone ought to own a steam machine for cleaning.  Now which type you buy is up to you and the things you need cleaned the most.  My absolute favorite thing I love about Home Right steam machines are that they are multi purpose.  A steam machine that cleans my oven and removes wallpaper?  Shut the front door.  And now a steam machine that cleans my flooring and gets the wrinkles out of my clothes?  Yes please!


The best part about this machine is that while it cleans your hard floors it also converts into a handheld steamin’ beast with plenty of attachments.


So the HomeRight Steam Machine Plus is the latest product offered by Home Right.  The main purpose of this machine is to clean your floors.  And I will say it does just as good of a job and the two other machines I have had from other companies.  However, it is definitely more lightweight which makes it much easier to glide over your floors. Plus the triangle shape and the swivel head makes it get into nooks and crannies easier.  It also heats up super quick – like 25 seconds.  One thing I wish that was different was that the cord was longer.  I have to stop steaming to move the cord to a different outlet mid clean.

Like the original Steam Machine it comes with a bunch of attachments.  My favorite is the squeegee and bonnet for steaming the wrinkles out of clothes and curtains.


Ok if I haven’t convinced you yet to get a steam machine here are a few more compelling reasons that I choose to clean with steam in my home.

1.  Cleans without chemicals. Steam cleaning is safer and better for the environment and you can breath while you clean without harmful cleaning fumes.

2.  Gets out dirt and grime from places you can’t reach with a sponge (have you seen the nasty picture of it cleaning under my toilet)

3.  Disinfects not just surface cleans. Since it heats up to over 200 degrees it kills 99% of bacteria and viruses.  Goodbye ecoli!

Here are the two machines to compare and contrast.  But who wants to win one of the new Home Right Steam Cleaner Plus machines?

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