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The spicy, woody fragrance of frankincense is a firm favorite with many essential oil fans. It’s been noted for treating asthma and arthritis and improving digestive and oral health. People use it for aromatherapy, adding fragrance to their homes, and even for household cleaning. If you’ve shopped around for this essential oil, you may have wondered why Plant Therapy frankincense is so cheap.

Plant Therapy is committed to making its frankincense and other essential oils as affordable as possible so it’s accessible to all. They deal directly with suppliers, with no middlemen to inflate the costs. Once obtained, they bottle, package, and fulfill orders from one site directly to customers.

Many people believe you get what you pay for, and though that sometimes proves true, it doesn’t mean that the lowest-priced products are always bad quality. If you’re an avid user of frankincense and other essential oils, your two top concerns will be purity and price. Plant Therapy (PT)seems to satisfy customers on both counts.

Why Is Plant Therapy Frankincense So Cheap?

The statement of its commitment to quality and affordability may come directly from Plant Therapy itself, but there are reviews available that confirm these positive characteristics of the brand.

It appears that reasonable prices don’t only apply to Plant Therapy’s frankincense but all its essential oils. Read on to see how Plant Therapy keeps the prices of its frankincense and other oils down.

Plant Therapy Gets Essential Oils Directly From The Source

The company believes everyone should be able to afford essential oils, and they work hard to keep the supply chain simple to avoid unnecessary costs. They have cultivated close and direct relationships with their suppliers to ensure they’re sourcing pure oils without going through any middlemen who would demand their share of the deal. This helps to keep prices low.

All Plant Therapy Is Done From One Location

The Plant Therapy headquarters is in Twin Falls, Idaho. Once the oils arrive at the PT base, all preparation, order-filling, and shipping are done from the premises. The oils are bottled and packaged there and then sent off to customers. 

All staff, including customer satisfaction, product development, and executive teams, all operate from the same building. Using only one property for their operation is another way of saving costs the company passes on to the customer.

Plant Therapy Ships Orders Directly To You

There is no cause to inflate the prices before shipping the essential oils to the customer. PT oils are not sold through retailers, distributors, or multilevel marketers who would each take their cut and force higher prices.

PT also does not employ a sales team of people working on incentives for commission.

PT Rewards System

Another way that PT makes its essential oils affordable is through a rewards system. Customers earn points by purchasing products and endorsing the company’s social media platforms. These points can be redeemed on future purchases.

Plant Therapy’s Quality Control

Plant Therapy sends their oils for testing by Robert Tisserand, a world-acclaimed essential oil expert. Thereafter they ship them to one of several independent laboratories to undergo further testing. All PT oils are Therapeutic grade. There are no additives, dilutions, or adulterants in PT essential oils. Many are safe for children and animals.

Frankincense is sourced from the resin of Boswellia trees, which are found in India, Oman, Yemen, North Africa, and western Africa. Plant Therapy is committed to sourcing frankincense ethically and sustainably

Plant Therapy has four frankincense products:

  • Frankincense Carterii
  • Fantastic Franks
  • Frankincense Frereana
  • Frankincense Serrata. 


Plant Therapy’s frankincense is cheap because of the company’s commitment to keeping it affordable for all household budgets. There are no extra hands in the sourcing or sales processes, and all bottling, packaging, and administration happen from a single location. The excellent prices for your frankincense will apply to any other oils you might wish to buy too!

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