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I am really hating to have to do this.  I know some of you are going to be ticked, and others of you will unfollow me and stop reading altogether.  I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.  But my hand has been forced and I can no longer can stop it.  The world of blogging has evolved so much that there is now software available for people to use our entire posts on their site all under the guises of “the best of the best.”



This week I found my entire blog on three other aggregator sites.  What is an aggregated site? Well in my opinion – a vicious way to make money by stealing other people’s entire content.  Usually these are highly popular sites because they steal the best of the best and showcase it all in one place. I have fought them hard in the past.  I reported some to Google, wrote emails asking my feed to be removed, etc.  It is just becoming rampant.  I spent 6 hours this week trying to get my content (that I worked my behind off) off other people’s sites.

What is worse is that my other two sites Roadkill Rescue and Knock Off Décor have been scraped too.  I got three emails this week from upset people that I have featured when they realized that their content went viral on Pinterest only for the pin to go back to the wicked site, which didn’t even take them back to my site or theirs.

Not only do I need to protect my content but I have to protect the people I feature.  I have two feature sites with the goal of showcasing other people’s talent and I can’t have that content scraped or it devalues what I do as well as what you do.

So what does this mean for you?  As of tomorrow, this means that the only way you can read my posts is to come directly through to my url.  If you read me on Google Reader you will have to click through to read it.  If you subscribe via email you will have to click on that link to see the entire post.

So I hope you understand and will consider coming to my site each day. Yes it is inconvenient. Yes it is a few more clicks. Yes it sucks.

Thank you for those who will stick with me.  You continued support means the world to me. I hope my content is inspiring enough that you will make this change with me.

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  1. I love your site and your posts and will gladly go through the proper channels to view it. Keep up the honest good work!

  2. Oh no, how horrible that your content has been scraped! I just read that Stacy at Not Just A Housewife is having the same problem. 🙁 Lame.

    How did you realize your content had been stolen? I’m assuming mine isn’t being stolen cuz I’m such a small blog, but I don’t really know how to check. I just added a footer to my RSS that says “This post is from Practically Functional” with links back to my blog in the hopes that it will discourage people from scraping my feed since it has internal links back to me.

    And don’t worry, I will definitely click through from Google Reader to read all of your posts!

  3. Thank you Jessi. I actually hadn’t seen it until a reader pointed it out. But it is good to have a google alert on your name and url so you can see where it is being use.

  4. Randi in order to steal my post they would have to come every day and copy and paste it. The way aggregator sites do it now is they just plug in feeds and let it post. They are definitely not going to do the work to come and copy and paste it. So they will just look for another blog to scrape. I suggest having google alerts on your name and your url in order to find it.

  5. i don’t mind clicking thru at all. one request? either enough info that i know if i *want* to click thru before the truncate. OR a title with the topic in it?

    i cannot tell you how many blogs i am/have unsubbed to because they will not give a title in my email subscription. just says *feedburner blabbity blab* and i open the email and it’s their name but NO part of their blog OR a title. I know y’all only get paid on the click thru’s… but holding the content hostage until i DO click thru? i kind of feel like that’s theft from the people paying you. it’s dishonest… Oh this many people clicked thru.. yeah well. we wouldn’t have if we’d KNOWN.

    i don’t want to read everything most people write… and i hater the NOT knowing and being forced to click thru. i don’t have TIME to click thru on everything. but i will happily click thru on things i am interested in reading. with 157 subscriptions… i have to have time to sew and writer my OWN blog… *sigh*


  6. This sucks Becki, I’m so sorry! I have no problems coming directly here to view your awesomeness every day!

  7. You go, girl!! We love you and your unique site/work, and I will always read you! In the web world, you HAVE to protect what is yours!! Don’t sweat it, your faithful followers will stick with you for a few more “clicks”! I call it the scenic route 😉

  8. I actually prefer to click through to the actual blogs to read over using a Reader. I pretty much just use the blog roll of blogs I follow on my blog & see who has updated there. It really stinks that sites knowingly steal others content with no repercussions! How do you set up a google alert?

  9. I hate that this has happened, but I have no problems coming to your site to read about it – and sometimes I find it easier to link right from facebook. Your info is too fun and inspiring to keep a short post in google from preventing me to come and read the rest! 🙂

  10. I have to admit I’ve been reading virtually all my blog reading in a reader but that is only because it was quick and easy. (and trust me that is something i’ve needed in my life recently!) Just know that I will continue to follow you and have no issues with truncated posts! I know the site to which you are referring…. and talk about being perturbed! Its just plain wrong! So keep up the good work and thank you so very much for taking the time to explain your situation!! Take care now!

  11. I am trying hard to figure a way to give the first picture and the title. So give me a couple of days until I figure something out.

  12. If you go to Google Alert it is a really pretty process. I am one for farrant, beckie farrant, infarrantly creative and my url plus a few more for my other sites.

  13. I just told Chris/Just a Girl this exact thing:

    I don’t mind truncated blog posts and never could understand why it’s a big deal. Since you’re not a fan — and others seem to also dislike it — I’m sorry this is the only way you can prevent those jackballs from stealing your stuff. ::shakes head in disgust::


  14. Sorry to hear of your problems and hope it gets taken care of and these people will stop using others hard work. You are definatly worth going through a couple extra clicks. Your blogs are at the top of my favorites. Keep up the good work! Thanks for what you do,

  15. im sorry that their are ppl out there like that and sorry for your frustration. I really enjoy your blog. I usually come to you blog from facebook are we still able to do that or must we just type in the url, im unfamiliar with Truncating and dont read my blogs thru the feed

  16. I hate to hear this, but thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you an easy way to help your readers. Check out the “google next” bookmarklet. It uses your rss feed but takes you straight to the site, just by clicking the “next” button. It really is fantastic and they won’t have to worry about clicking on truncated posts. Hopefully this will help for you and your readers! And I really hope that content thieves get what they deserve! They just don’t understand how hard you work on those posts!

  17. 🙁 It definitely means I won’t get to read as many posts. My work blocks “blogs” from being ready (during breaks and lunch – I don’t read on work time!) but I’ve always been able to read them in Google Reader. I always save the posts I want to come back to because photo’s don’t come through (yep, blocked by IT) but that means I’d have to save every post to keep caught up. So it’s not that I don’t want to, or that I don’t understand why you have to do this, but it means less reading for me 🙁 – and I am SO sorry you had to do this. I will never understand people that try to take credit for someone else’s work!

  18. Shandra, i have told my readers before about Google next in a post, it is terrific. That will definitely help for sure if people do that. I should mention that again.

  19. The extra step or two is well worth protecting original content. I am sure it will even become the norm and we will all get used to it 🙂 I for one am right behind you!!

  20. Mrs. Mike that bums me out! But thanks for letting me know. I am hoping I can come up with an alternative. Maybe a plugin or something but for now I have to take this drastic measure.

  21. So, so, sorry you have had your work stolen. I totally understand why you have to do what you need to do. As for me, I have no idea what truncation is in blog/internet speak and have never understood or knew how to use an RSS feed, so I’m not missing anything I guess. All I know is that I either come here via me liking you on Facebook and seeing your posts there, or after I’ve clicked from my bookmarks. All the best to you Beckie 🙂 I hope is solves your problem.

  22. That really stinks about your work being stolen. I do not like truncated posts, BUT I do like your site! I’ll stick around; your blog is worth the little inconvenience.

  23. That’s pretty awful – you are the second blogger today to say that! Wow…I guess that even as careful as we are, it’s still possible to get scraped. How do you find this? I wonder if I’m having this – I DO have a Google Alert set up anytime my blog name is mentioned. Does this really help? Totally worth truncating though! I’d do the same thing! Thanks, Beckie!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  24. I was searching etsy the other day looking at wreaths and I found my Halloween one and a ton of other bloggers wreaths FOR SALE on a chicks site….should I email her? It was before I started watermarking but I sure did recognize a ton of other bloggers wreaths too…SAD SAD

  25. People will rip off anything that’s cool. And you are cool. But they are lame. How frustrating and heartbreaking to see all of your hard work stolen. I come through Facebook because that’s the easiest way I’ve found to follow blogs. So you’ve still got me! 🙂 But still…that stinks. If I were there right now I’d offer you a big heaping bowl of ice cream. The full fat kind. Because some problems just need a full fat ice cream kind of solution, you know? Hugs.

  26. Beckie – you are amazing. And it totally not ok for people to steal other people’s work. I have had the same problem also and am leaning toward truncating my feed as well. I will keep reading and I am sure your other readers will too!!


  27. I am so sorry you are going through this! It seems to be rampant all around the Net lately, stealing photos and craft patterns and even whole blog posts. It is just so sad. The Internet can be such a wonderful tool for everybody to use and then there are those that just have to mess things up for everybody.

    I enjoy your posts on all of your sites, so I’ll continue to click through.

  28. 🙂 No problem. And sorry for my rant. Yours is one of the few I do read nearly every day. (Even if I’m not commenting…)

    It really sucks. Back when MySpace was king, I had a blog over there that was consistently in the top 10. We ran into similar issues. I just don’t understand how/why people can be so dishonest. 🙁 i wonder if one of those apps that blocks copy/paste on your site would work for you? It won’t in RSS and email for sure, but for the ones coming directly here top scrape….

    *Sigh* why do peeps have to be dishonest?!?

  29. No biggie, happy to click. Only thing I’m not happy about is why you feel you have to do it. I’m 5 or so posts in to blogging although I’ve been an avid reader for years, and I tell you, if I didn’t love you guys as a reader enough, I have 100% upped that now I know what goes ino it.

    This is where the net sucks!

    Remember they’ll reap what they’ve sewn!

  30. That is too bad and frustrating! No worries, I am happy to click straight to all of your sites. Good luck with everything!

  31. I don’t blame you. Just one question. Will it at least show up in Google Reader when you post? I know it won’t show content, but will I for example, still be able to see the title of the post and your blog title every time you post something new? Then I can click on that to take me to the site?
    I hope this works out for you!

  32. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I don’t understand. Is this a bad thing? Sure, they may be making some ad revenue from your content, but aren’t they also potentially bringing you new readers? I mean, it isn’t as if they’re deleting your name before posting, right? So it’s still technically credited to you. I just don’t see how this is so different from a guest post.

  33. That’s so awful – sorry it’s happened to you. Hope you can get things sorted soon.

  34. So sorry to hear but you have a valid point ! Hope everything will work out for you from now on I will for sure still follow you 🙂

  35. This seems to be happening to a lot of people at the moment only last week I saw that another blog (between naps on the porch) had nearly all of her posts stolen and then made to look like their own it’s awful xxx I never use Google reader really I just look on my blog dash board and view the post directly xxx

  36. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this, and understand why you’re having to do what you have to in order to protect your work/content. Continuing to read by “clicking through”! 🙂
    All the best to you and your contributors…

  37. So sorry you have to deal with this 🙁 You don’t deserve the extra work and hassle. I am a new blogger, so this information was new to me and will be a learning experience for me as well. Thank you for sharing your struggles and I know your readers will continue to follow your excellent sites, extra clicks or not!! Chin-up and keep up the great work!!


  38. Oh, Becky. I knew you would be upset…I hate that someone else has the power to do this sort of thing. You are well loved, especially by me, and truth be told…I’d click 10 times to keep being able to read your fabulousness. Looks like this is going to become the way of the blog world…


  39. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Especially if she has to protect what’s hers. I have no problem clicking a few more times. You have great ideas and it’s worth it!!!

  40. I have all three of your sites in my favorites folder and click on them daily to get to your postings. I couldn’t miss your daily dose of inspiration! Thanks for sharing with us and for being you!

  41. In the past I was a little irritated when some posts didn’t show up in my google reader in their entirety. Now that I know why, I will happily click through to read. Thank you for the explanation and I’m sorry this was happening to you!

  42. I’ll make sure to bookmark your blog so that I can easily come back and check in. I’m sorry to hear that someone’s been stealing your posts – what a shame. I love your posts though, so it’ll be absolutely worth the extra effort! (I just hope I remember to check in often! I’ve gotten so used to being able to read in my e-mail.)

  43. I hate that there are people out there that ruin it for everyone else! Why take this lovely tool that is the internet and abuse it. Such is life. I’ll just have to add a daily reminder to come check out the site! Keep it going and fight the good fight! 🙂

  44. I’ve always said that there’s one word for what is wrong with the world today-selfishness. This just proves it. So sorry you were targeted. I just found you but enjoy your blog enough that I will continue to follow as long as your there!

  45. That is ridiculous! It also makes me ridiculously mad. My cousin runs a very successful candle business out of her home here in PA. Recently a reader saw her candles, the name, jar shape and label, in a dollar store in CA. Not something that she had created. Can you imagine?

    I can’t!

    I will continue to read, even though truncated posts are a pain. Protecting your work is worth the pain.

  46. Would you please let me know the name of sites that have stolen your content? I want to make sure I am not a subscriber to these low lifes!!! You can send a private msg. or email me. I am po’d that people would take credit and make money from YOUR and your friends ideas. I will continue to follow you no matter where you go. I enjoy your blog. Thanks for the info as I am a blogger with a private blog and have been afraid to publicly share it. Thank you for inspiring me. Good luck.

  47. Last night I saw a message on my computer that someone was using my name, what should I have done? I still feel new to all this. I have a small website I use on occasion and a CTMH website… “Confused”

    Dawn RI

  48. Well you know people only copy the best, and you are the best! Not going anywhere the best is worth a few more clicks!! Sorry to hear all the problems if people would put in the amount work you do they would might have a site worth reading. To bad you cannot post the sites doing this as I for one would love to be sure I am not supporting them by reading thier site! Which brings me to another question as readers how do we know when you let them use your stuff and when they copy, paste and steal it?

  49. What are the names if these sites that you are speaking of? I want to make sure that I am not a subscriber to them. They should be ashamed of themselves. You are the real deal and I will follow your URL. Thank you for all your GREAT ideas. <3

  50. UGH!! sorry you’re having to deal with all that craziness. Off to check out Google Alerts….

  51. p.s. Glad to see you didn’t truncate this message. Wonder if it will end up being auto posted anywhere??!!

  52. I’m with you Becky! Love that there is a fix to that stealing problem. Trunk away!

  53. I already read here on the blog because that’s just the way I prefer to read. I can’t believe how frustrating that must be!! Several years ago, there was a guy who was regularly stealing my content and a bunch of other bloggers. We had his site taken down, but this stuff going on now is awful because now they’re involving Pinterest! I have Google Alerts set up, but the only ones that came through are random…usually just my name when I’ve posted somewhere on social media. Not sure what I did wrong. :s

  54. I love your sites and only am set up for your updates through faceboook, I I read your posts top to bottom, so di I need to sign up somewhere else to receive your posts

  55. Really stinks that this happened but I know it’s rampant – I’ll be sticking around – you are definitely worth a few extra clicks! Much love and keep it coming!

  56. Beckie-I absolutely HATE this for you! I have no problem with the truncated feed-as hard as you work on your blogs, I always click thru since reader numbers are how you are paid. You are the third blogger that I have read this weekend that has been scraped!!!! Take care and try not to get too discouraged, people generally reap what they sow.

  57. Hi. I’m not getting a good grasp of what an aggragated site is, but it looks like it’s becoming a blogger virus. Anyway, as long as you still show up in google reader as having a new post I’ll make the extra click to read it all. Love your blog and I hope this little step works out for you.

  58. I already click through so this will be no problem for me! I love your blog and it’s such a shame that people can profit off of you like this!

  59. I’ve always followed you through facebook…I don’t think I get your emails. I LOVE your site and so what if I have to do an extra click? You’ve inspired me to do stuff DIY in my house! How do I sign up to get your emails…I can’t seem to find it?

  60. Hi Beckie,

    Sorry about all this. I see others are doing the same thing too. Recently I’ve been reading all my blogs with the Google Next button. I like it a lot, it takes you right to the blog page, the blogger gets page views and it’s super easy to leave comments that way. I’m going to try to tell more people about it. No need for a reader!

  61. I know I can’t wait to go to the one site who has yet to remove my content and see this post there. I bet they will take down my stuff real fast.

  62. Beckie,
    So sorry this is happening to you and others. I’ll gladly do a few extra clicks to read your awesome blog!

  63. I am looking into every option available. I hate taking my feed from people who want to read it but it just seems like the best option at this point.

  64. I’m very sorry to hear that you have to go through this. It is awful that people would steal all of your ideas and pass them off as their own. It is also a shame that more ‘Pinners’ do not take the time to link back to or give proper credit to their pins. One pin that I thought looked interesting actually linked back to an ‘adult’ dating site! It sucks that there are so many people out there doing things like this!

    I love your ideas and will continue to follow your blog! Good luck!!!

  65. I have to do it because my page rank goes down when Google sees duplicate content. I also go down in search engines when people use my posts to up their SEO. But I am confident this will change things.

  66. Yes it should. I am working on being able to get a short excerpt along with one picture so that you can see if you want to click on it from reader.

  67. Dolly,
    Well for a number of reasons. The first being duplicate content. Google frowns about duplicate content and it lowers my page rank. Also it lowers my ranking in search engines and SEO. These sites do not bring me any traffic because why click on my site when the entire post is right there for them to read? It is different than guest posting. Obviously you are giving your content away to bring in new readers. Usually I have my guest posters include a few extra pictures of projects they have done t entice my readers to click over there. Also when that person goes to repost the post on my site they change it enough so that google sees it as two different posts. I hope that helps you understand why I made the change.

  68. That is terrible. I am totally fine with people doing my projects as long as I get credit ya know? But I also understand that putting myself out there on the internet means this will happen.

  69. EW. I was COMPLETELY unaware that this was even an issue!! I mean, I understand people who ‘pirate other people’s things/effort/legitimate works; but WOW!

    This is so, totally NOT okay!

    –I’ve decided that even though I LOVE reading via email for the ease & compatibility to my schedule, I’m going to make the effort. I’m now going to make it a point to visit ALL the sites I read daily, because this is disgusting, so thanks for the heads-up!

  70. I love your site (s) — I follow you on Knock Off Decor as well and I’m so mad this happened! But I will click, click, and click (as many as unlimited) to come read your blogs! 🙂

  71. Thank you for this post. I have unsubscribed from other blogs because I was tired of always having to click to go to the site rather than reading the email as I had subscribed. I wasn’t aware that part of the reason writers may send subscriptions like this was because of the scraping. I agree that you have a right (and need) to protect your intellectual property. That property is something that we all enjoy you sharing with us. I will change my attitude toward the truncated emails now that I understand the reasoning behind it.

    If you’re able to include the title to the post as the subject, that would definitely help. I understand it’s a learning curve and may take some trial and errors to “perfect” the changes. Again, thanks for the explanation and advance notice. I’m glad there is a way to protect the content while still sharing it with us.

  72. I love all your sites and follow them regularly. I also follow your pins on pintrest. I would advise all your readers who use pintrest to make sure when you re-pin a pin to not just hit repin, but click on it and make sure it goes to the original poster! I know it takes longer, but so worth it when you really want to find out the details and it is only fair to the original author (blogger) to get more readership. I’ll keep clicking!!

  73. Hey Beckie – Your sites are definitely worth an extra click or two. I wouldn’t imagine this would affect your readership at all. Thanks for the heads up — since I read this post (and a few others from different bloggers) I’ve found that my content has been scraped too. So frustrating! I really appreciate the heads up. – Suzanne (Just Another Hang Up)

  74. Hi Beckie! Don’t worry….we all love your work and this won’t stop people from coming to see your talents here! I have you on my sidebar of favorites so I won’t miss a single post. I am so upset to hear that all this content is being stolen from so many talented bloggers!! What the heck is wrong with people? There should be more protection from internet theft such as this!! Websites caught stealing content should be shut down immediately!

    Have a fabulous week! Angie xo

  75. Creepy…sorry some people stink. I will happily click through. Love your inspiration, ideas, and heart.

  76. I am figuring someone will be able to come up with some sort of lock on the content. I am just not sure when. Thanks for your continued support.

  77. Alison,
    I am so working on giving you a picture and an excerpt. Please hold on until I get there though. There are some slight code changes that I need to work through first.

  78. Absolutely! I think it’s great that you’re working so hard to find a solution that works for everyone.

  79. As they told us in elementary school, they only copy you if they’re jealous. Your blog is great and I totally don’t mind making one extra click if it stops them from stealing from you!! (:

  80. Ugh. I am hearing this all over the place over the past couple of weeks. So frustrating. I wonder how I would know if this was happening to me. Although my blog is still so small I doubt that it would. But still, it is so wrong and rude! I ussually click to you from my Blogs I Love page to read and I definately don’t mind any extra steps to get to your info. Hopefully people will get in trouble for these actions. What sort of consequences are there for these types of fraudulent crimes? I hope they get some sort of trouble sent thier way.

  81. I am so sorry that people can be so dishonest and lazy to take other peoples hard work. Thank you for inspiring me to do such fun projects. I will have no problem going to your blog to read your posts! Thanks for sharing all you creativity!

  82. Ok, don’t hate me for asking this, but I’m just trying to understand. There are lots of bloggers who “knock off” items from big name retailers. Is this legal? And if not, what’s to keep the retailers from taking action against the bloggers for copying their designs? Most bloggers use the retailer’s name when describing the item. What’s the difference between someone copying your written content & bloggers making a product to promote on their blog and saying it’s a “xyz knockoff”?

  83. Basically you allowed to make stuff based on the design and inspiration of another as long as you don’t sell it and it is for your own personal use. And of course I don’t hate you for asking. Also most of the time bloggers link to the product that was their inspiration which helps that retailer gain links with helps their SEO, not that Pottery Barn needs our links, they are so huge.

  84. Nothing much. I mean once you send them a cease and desist letter that usually does it. But to have to have my lawyer do this everytime gets expensive.

  85. Beckie,
    Thanks so much for keeping us informed! I’m so sorry those lazybutts are stealing & benefiting from your hard work! You do whatever you need to do, and we’ll all support ya! Sometimes it takes strong people like you to stand up and make the necessary changes! Get ’em, girl!! 🙂
    Much love,

  86. I’m not a blogger and was completely unaware of this issue. It is SO much easier to read the blogs I love in my reader, but I know that the blog author doesn’t get “credit” in their site countings (or whatever it’s officially called) when a post is read in the reader, so I try to click through to the actual website for posts I want to read fully. I will be even more inclined to click through to your blog (and others) now that I know about this scraping issue.

    I’m so sorry you have had to go through this. Your blog is wonderful, and I will continue to read.

    What’s a few clicks between friends?? 🙂

  87. I hate that there are such meanies! No need to worry girl… I’ll click on through. 🙂 I’ve been debating making this move too with my sites because of the same issues. I hope an alternate solutions comes about… but for now… what else can we do.

  88. Beckie, it’s sad to hear what has happened to you and others who work hard to gather original content only to have it stolen. You have to do whatever it takes to protect your property and I do not have any problem with doing what I have to do to follow you and read your content. Keep up the good work. Best of luck!

  89. I feel terrible that this is happening to you. Unfortunately I feel terrible for me, too, because I love your sites and now won’t be able to read them 🙁

    It’s not a matter of being too lazy to click through, it’s that I read blogs while underground commuting to work. It’s really the only time I can read, and I can’t get the internet underground. So, I have an app that goes into Google Reader and caches its content so that I can read off line. If anybody knows a way to make that work with truncated content, please let us know. More and more blogs are truncating, and I can no longer follow them.

  90. I’m so sorry that this has happened to you. I can’t stand it when I see stuff on pinterest and it goes to a bad site and now knowing that it is because those people have stolen other peoples hard work makes me so angry. I always click thru on pinterest to see the original content before I pin something and now I am extra glad that I do.
    I enjoy reading your stuff and assure you that I will be back! Good luck with everything! Keep up the good work!

  91. This is horrible but stealing in any way is horrible.
    I hope this will keep your content safe. Good luck.

  92. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. You won’t lose me as a reader! Too bad the greedy/lazy/dishonest few make it so difficult. IC, RR and K-OD are worth a few clicks. Good luck.

  93. That happened to me on my art site. So i took screen shots of the offending sites and posted about what they were doing.

  94. I’m worried about my blog posts being plagiarized as well (the Internet is just out of control when it comes to unattributed use of others’ work). CopyGator ( gives me a little peace of mind; it monitors your RSS feed and checks to see if your content is being used elsewhere that’s NOT your feed (Free service) and use CopyScape ( to check periodically (Free except if you want them to check for you and notify you automatically).

    Good luck and fight the good fight against plagiarism!

  95. Hi Becky,
    I did a post a few days ago about this subject when I found practically my entire blog on a rogue site. Fortunately they were blogging on Blogger so Google shut them down after I filed a DMCA. I also included a good video from Matt Cutts, who is the head of Google’s webspam team. It’s a good listen and mentions some things I’ve never heard of like pubsubhubbub. Have you ever heard of pubsubhubbub? Anyway, here’s a link to the post in case it’s helpful:

  96. I had this problem several months back for a client of mine (I’m a web developer). We used Tenblogger’s WordPress plugin (Add RSS Footer) to add in a link back to his website. That’s a great way to combat it.

    So annoying! I’m so sorry – how aggravating.

    Just a tip for your readers with iPads or similar: I use an RSS feed app called FeedlerPro. I’m able to set it to automatically view the post on your site when I click on your new item in my feeds list. Voila! In fact, that’s what I’m using now! And no, not selling this app. Lol. Just wanting to help. I follow a ton of blogs and am not going to suffer one bit from the truncation revolution. 😉

  97. I live your sites and am sorry to hear someone is messing with them. I do thank you for explaining what is happening, I have just been annoyed when other sites truncated and did not tell me why. A few clicks for your work – no problem. Good luck.

  98. So sorry that you have to do this. What a world we live in!

    Also so sorry that I will have to do without your posts. I am sure you understand that in this busy world clicking through is just not feasible. Perhaps you would be happier if I did not mention this, but I couldn’t leave without at least waving goodbye. I will miss you.

  99. This is such a shame… unfortunately it happens all the time. I always click through and will continue to do so, getting ready to start my own blog I’ll take my chances and offer full posts in my rss. LOL! I’ll be soo small that I won’t worry about it.

    Anyway in researching everything for starting my own blog I came across a free app. that has some pretty good ratings for monitoring blogs/sites for content theft. It’s called ScrapeShield from CloudFlare. Here’s the link if it will show…if not just google scrapeshield,

    Hope that will help you or anyone trying to protect what you’ve worked so hard for!

  100. Google Next is a nice way to go through Google Reader blogs that goes from blog site to blog site (helps blogs with total hits, too).

    Also, I’d suggest that within your posts, you make sure you mention your site and your content so that at least people know from where the information is coming.

  101. I love your site. I know what hard work goes into blogging then just to have it stolen is horrible.

    I have tried forever to get a post photo to show without the full post. I have read that you can do that with Aweber (I think) and you can do it with Feedburner using the plugin Ozh’ Better Feed BUT I never could figure out how to change the coding to get it to work and there is no active support on the plugin site that I have found. I know that it does work because I was subscribed to a blog that used it. Maybe someone with more coding knowledge than me can help you with that?

  102. Oh, after I posted this I saw that you figured it out! I would love a tutorial on how you did it! I have tried forever and gave up.


  103. I hired someone to do it for me unfortunately. I am not sure what the easy way is. I need someone to write me a plugin. I am sorry I am not more help.

  104. I too ask that your first sentences make me want to click through or a title that is very descriptive, which I think you do for the most part. I access your blog and others through google reader, I read the title, see the first part of the blog, then click over to see the content on the original owner’s site.

  105. Carla, I was able to finally figure out how to give you that and a picture. I hope that will give you what you need to see if you want to click over to read it.

  106. Thank you for the efforts to get a paragraph teaser and one photo to us in the email feed. I’m enjoying the short emails and know if it’s one I want to click and read more by the initial image and teaser both here and on Knock Off. I hope this is working for you too and stopping the scraping!


  108. Martha if you go to the top of my site and click on the subscribe my email you can type in your email address and it will be delivered to your inbox daily.

  109. Hey thanks for the positive feedback! I am sure you can imagine not everyone has been so kind about it. I am glad that picture helps let you know if you want to read more or not. Thanks for your understand and I am happy to report all of my content from those three sites is gone.


  111. Oh my gosh THANK YOU! I have been viewing my feeds on my laptop only and I was trying to figure a way to “transfer” my favorite blog feeds to my iPad!

  112. I am new to some of this and have posted your site in my Blog Spot on Pinterest. Is that something you would prefer I not do. I have not posted anything specific from your sites, only the site itself. Please let me know if you would prefer I remove them.

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