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I am sure you have seen and heard plenty of bloggers talk about how many photos they shoot for one post.  It is hundreds.  And then you edit them and make them look all blog pretty.  The nice part about most of my photo shoots is that the object fully cooperates.  Unless it doesn’t…

 When I shoot a chalk painted table it doesn’t wiggle, talk back, whine or make faces at me.  When I photograph a gorgeous art piece it stays on the wall, never once does it complain or sit on the floor and pout.  When I photograph my daughter….well let’s just say….only one of the hundred pictures is this cute….


My daughter is always so excited to take the pictures.  She loves posing and being on my blog. She loves getting dressed up and making fun faces…for about 60 seconds.  Do you remember your last family photo session? And how many of those 100 pictures are on your wall?

As if pictures aren’t enough, I wanted to add some more videos to my blog this year.  Silly me thought taking a video of Kayla would be so stinkin cute and adorable and she would think it was a fun activity with mommy.

Here is how it went…

Me:  Hey Kayla do you want to make a fun video for mommy’s blog?

Kayla: YES!!!! Can I wear makeup?

Me: No baby, we don’t wear makeup.

Kayla: Well you do when you are on video?

Me: Yes, yes I do.  But mommies wear makeup on videos not little girls.

Kayla: But I want to look pretty.

Me: You are pretty just the way you are baby.

Kayla: Can I wear a princess dress?

Me: No you have to wear one of the dresses mommy made you so other mommies can see the dress and make it for their daughters.

Kayla: I don’t want to wear one of those dresses.

Me: {frustrated} Kayla you have to wear the dress if you want to do the video.

Kayla: {frustrated} Fine I will wear the dress.

So the next 15 minutes went on of take after take.  We tried an approach where I would tell her waht to say and then she would say it back.  I just figured I would have to edit it.  Yep….didn’t work.  Here is how it went down.  Pretty sure I didn’t win mom of the day on this one.

After this…we called it a day.  I’m tired. #creativevideofail

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