Weekend with Beau-Nonni

Beau-Nonni (my mom) and Beau-Poppy came for a visit from Georgia this weekend. We had a fabulous time. Isaac responded so well to them. When we visited them in Georgia in June he wouldn’t go to her. He was probably just out of whack from traveling and moving and all that. But this time he went to her and actually let her read him a book. He barely sits long enough for us to read him a book. So precious.

He also let her give him his first haircut. I have trimmed it up a little but this was his first official haircut. He did so good (mind you he was watching Blue’s Clue’s the whole time).

We looked at a new subdivision this weekend. I think we may have found a house we like. It is in a subdivision only 1.5 miles from the church. It is kind of a lower cost builder but you get so much square foot for the price, which is really what we want. We have talked to others who have built with them and loved them. Listen to this…3065 sq ft with a base price of $143,500! We would probably do about $20,000 in upgrades. But still 3065 sq ft for $163,500!!! We totally love the floor plan also. It looks a little boxy but it is very practical for our needs. It also has a little common area with a basketball park and a playground. I just can’t get over it how much cheaper houses are here than the West coast. Now if we could just sell our darn house in Washington.

My mom enjoyed it out here. I think she would love to move out here. I think she loves the Midwest feel. Brick houses, yards with no fences, corn fields, midwest friendliness, and obviously the cost of living. Although Georgia is pretty inexpensive also. She also loved our church. Ok it is after midnight and these angel eyes are falling asleep. Hugs!