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Merry Christmas week.  If you are looking for the kiddos to have something fun to do this week, while also helping make your holiday table look pretty, I have a craft for you – plus a book you should purchase too!  My friend Amy, from Mod Podge Rocks and Washi Tape Crafts just wrote a book with over 110 washi tape projects.  And as an added bonus it comes with 10 rolls of washi tape.  Right now Amazon has it for $13.86.  It is a pretty small book, you might even be able to put it in your child or tween’s stocking.  I am going to show you a sneak peek of one of the projects in the book – some feather napkin ring holders.  You can use coordinating washi tape to your holiday table and the kids will be able to have a part in decorating your Christmas table.

DIY CRAFTS  Washi tape napkin ring holders

washi tape crafts book

Toilet paper tube
Wire and wire-cutters
Floral tape
Washi Tape

1.  First, wrap the wire around the toilet paper tube several times to the size of a napkin ring. Slide the ring off of the tube and cut the wire.

feather napkin holder

2.  Wrap the wire in floral tape, pulling it tight to activate the adhesive. Wrap until the loop is fully covered.

washi tape napkin holder

washi tape napkin rings

3.  Now, wrap with your choice of washi tape.

washi tape napkin holders

4. Cut a 6†piece of wire and fold an 8†to 10†piece of washi tape onto itself over one end of the wire. Note: if your washi tape is not thick enough to produce a natural looking feather, you may have to layer several pieces over the wire to get the look you like!

feather napkin ring

5. Use scissors to cut the tape into a feather shape, and then cut diagonal lines in the wash tape to emulate a feather. The wire acts as the shaft of the feather.

feather napkin rings

feathered napkin rings

6. Wrap the feather’s stem with floral tape and washi tape.

7. Repeat and create two more feathers.

trio of washi tape feathers

8. Wrap the wire of each feather around your wire ring. Trim stems as needed.

napkin ring

napkin rings feathers

9. You’re finished! Repeat this process to create as many napkin holders as you would like.



Aren’t those adorable?  You could even make them into pretty hair accessories, earring, bookmarks, etc.  So hop on over to Amazon and order Washi Tape Crafts.napkinholder-28

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