Vision Board Party Ideas for over 40

A vision board party is a wonderful opportunity to get together with your family and friends and put your hopes, dreams, and goals into a visual form. What I’ve learned about goal-setting and manifestation is that you have to be specific. But what are some vision board party theme ideas for those over 40?

Consider what you and your party guests would like to achieve to decide on a theme. From getting fit and living a healthier lifestyle to treading more lightly on this earth and spending more time on hobbies, these are just some vision board party ideas for those over 40.

Vision Board Party for over 40s

Life begins at 40! (or was at 50?) There is so much to experience, achieve and do! It is also a great time to make those lifestyle changes you have always wanted. Hosting a vision board party with loved ones where you come together to work towards a similar goal is a great starting point to get you motivated. 

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7 Vision Board Party Theme Ideas For Over 40s

Once you hit 40, you start to evaluate all aspects of your life. Living a life of quality that is meaningful and fulfilling becomes more of a priority. Identifying the areas in your life that you want to change or improve is a great start to living your best life.

It is a wise idea to have a theme for your vision board party so that you don’t get carried away with too many ideas and your mind is clear with only a few things to focus on and work towards.

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Life is so multifaceted! From careers to relationships to lifestyle and hobbies, once you reach the other side of 40, there is a greater desire to make your years count. It can be counterproductive to tackle every aspect of life all at once.

For this reason, it is imperative to have a theme in mind when planning a vision board party. This way, you can focus on making an impactful change and stay focused on what you want to achieve. Here are some ideas for vision board party themes. 

  1. Health And Wellbeing 

Most people will admit that losing weight and getting into shape is at the top of their list regarding resolutions. Being healthy, exercising regularly, and eating well is a lifestyle. It goes beyond just the physical of eating healthy and exercising, though. It is also about making your mental health a priority. 

Many people see being healthy as going to the gym, and once that dreaded task is ticked off their list of things to do, they can get on with their lives. Creating a vision board reflecting your desire for health and well-being is an excellent reminder that being healthy is ongoing and not something to tick off a box.

Set the mood – create a playlist that is upbeat and positive. Choose songs that will make your guests want to get up and move! Serve snacks that are healthy yet tasty and easy to prepare. This will encourage your guests to recreate these snacks at home. 

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2. Self-Care And Self-Love

When scrolling social media, you may roll your eyes whenever you come across a selfie of a woman pouting with a Korean sheet mask covering her face, a glass of wine in hand, and candles about the room with the predictable caption #selfcaresunday under her photo. Over the past few years, self-care and self-love have become buzzwords, fads, and even cliches. 

However, self-care is so much more than slapping a mask on your face. Self-care and self-love go hand in hand. It is about taking time out for yourself at regular intervals to do something that is good for your body, mind, and soul. 

Spiritual Self Care 1
Spiritual Self Care 1

When hosting a Self-Care Self-Love Vision board party, you and your guests can explore what activities, rituals, habits, and practices you can incorporate into your life daily, weekly, and monthly. Be sure to include these in your vision board. Remind your guests that their body, mind, and soul should be targeted.

Set the mood – create a soothing atmosphere so that your guests can do some soul-searching to figure out how they can love themselves. Overhead lighting can be harsh, so instead, switch on table lamps and light some candles. Choose fragranced candles or add some bergamot, lavender, or jasmine essential oils to a burner. 

3. Travel And Adventure

Have you and your friends been saying you want to take a trip together, but you’ve never got around to doing it? Host a vision board party dedicated to making that trip a reality!

Perhaps it was too much effort to plan. Or you’ve never been able to synch your calendars to make it happen? Invite your friends over for a Travel and Adventure Vision Board party and start manifesting the trip of a lifetime together!

Set the mood – think about where your group of friends has always talked about going and use that as inspiration. Make Pina Coladas if an island vacation is to be your destination. Or Spanish tapas if Barcelona has always been top of your list. Don’t forget to theme the music to your dream destination.

Vision Board Party Travel and Adventure

4. Career Goals And Further Studies

At 40, you may be settled in your career. It is normal to be complacent, but you may need a bit of a push to make an effort to get out of your comfort zone and climb the corporate ladder.

Or you and your friends may have spoken about making a career change, perhaps turning that hobby into a business, even if it is just a side hustle. You may need to learn new skills to make the career change or turn your passion into a profession. 

When you are in your 40s, starting a new career, launching a business, or enrolling to study is daunting. But there is never a better time than NOW. Host a Career Goals and Further Studies vision board party to motivate you and your guests to take a leap of faith. 

Set the mood – ask your guests to come ‘dressed for success’! and let’s celebrate that “Never it’s too late”!

Time for a change

5. Tread Lightly On This Earth

Recycle, live minimally, lower your carbon footprint, go meat-free on a Monday, and embrace a minimalist lifestyle. We all want to play a part in saving our planet. Creating a vision board with reminders of how we can do that is a great way to start. 

Hosting a Tread Lightly On This Earth vision board party is also a great way to share ideas with each other about things we can do to reduce, reuse, recycle and lower our carbon footprint. 

Set the mood – try not to buy anything new for your party. Instead of disposable cups and plates, use glass. Ensure that guests place paper cut-offs and other waste from creating their vision boards into a bin for recycling. Serve vegan snacks.

Frugal Living

6. Relationship Goals

We tend to think of relationships in terms of our romantic partners. But we have so many other relationships that impact our everyday lives. We have cherished relationships and toxic relationships. 

Hosting a Relationship Goals vision board party is such a great idea as it gives you and your guests an opportunity to look at all the people in your life. Are there any people you want to make an effort to spend more time with? 

You may want to change the dynamic of your current relationships. Be a more hands-on boss, a more patient parent, a friend who is a better listener, or even a friend who is not nervous to ask for help.

Are there any people in your life who are draining or abusive or bring negativity into your space? Perhaps you can limit your interactions with them (if it is someone you cannot cut out, like a coworker), or maybe you want to cut them out completely. 

Set the mood – ask guests to share things about their relationships. For example, what they do to stay connected with their children, how they keep the spark alive in their romantic relationships, how they would like to improve relationships with family members, and what the best things about their friends are. These conversations will spark inspiration for your Relationship Goals vision boards.

  1. Mantras, Motivation And Good Vibes

When you have a positive outlook and find inner peace, it infiltrates every aspect of your life. Achieving goals and acquiring things that you love brings a sense of accomplishment. However, we should also work on our mental state. 

Host a Mantras, Motivation and Good Vibes vision board party focusing on how you feel and creating inner peace and joy. 

Set the mood – print out lots of feel-good and inspiring quotes and mantras to include with your vision board supplies. Your guests can incorporate these words that resonate with them onto their vision boards.

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Roping in your nearest and dearest who share your hopes, dreams, and goals to come together to create vision boards representing all you aspire for is certain to be an exceptional experience.

Once the party is over, you and your guests will have glorious vision boards to help you stay motivated in reaching your goals.

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