Vintage Silhouette Ornament

I hope you enjoyed the Pennywise Presents series as much as I did.   While it did give me a great break to get all my handmade holiday projects done I missed posting and being so involved!   I am glad to be back.   Today I want to show you how to make a Vintage Silhouette Ornament…




I had made a Chalkboard Silhouette Pillow for my son’s room and I still had the digital file.   I used the program that came with my Silhouette machine to design the silhouette.   Then I shrunk it to fit inside my 3” embroidery hoop and added “Isaac 2010” in the Pharmacy font from bubby

I cut out my file onto heat transfer material in a mirrored image. IMG_1592 Then I ironed it onto some cotton linen fabric using some scrap fabric as a press cloth.IMG_1593

I removed the plastic backing and had a perfectly cut silhouette of my son.

IMG_1594 Then I hooped it into the embroidery hoop and cut the excess fabric on the backside.IMG_1595IMG_1596 You can either cut out some felt to cover the edge or be lazy like I  was and just put fray check on the ends.   Then cut a length of ribbon and hot glue the ends one over the other while it is threaded through the top space between the hoop and the pin.IMG_1598 Take another length of ribbon and make a bow out of it and then hot glue it onto the top… IMG_1599 and you are done.   It is a cute little reminder of those darling features on a 4 year old boy.


I love handmade ornaments to pull out year after year and reminisce about older days.   So fun!

Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool