Vintage Football Scoreboard Sign

Yesterday I showed you the overall finished sports themed bedroom that we designed for my nephew. Today I am starting the tutorials for each aspect of the room. In the Pottery Barn Kids magazine they have this cool vintage looking baseball scoreboard.   It is just one of the art pieces in their photo shoots and not for sale but I certainly think it makes the room, don’t you? My brother-in-law loves football and his son is certainly taking after him with a love for all things sports.   We decided to change up the board a little bit and make it a football themed scoreboard.

Vintage Football Scoreboard Sign


The picture above gives you are good idea of how huge it is!

Pottery Barn Kids

junior varsity pb kids room


3’ x 5’ x 3/8” plywood (you can have Lowe’s cut it to size)

Kilz primer

Basil Pesto Valspar Paint

Silhouette machine

contact paper

Burnt Umber Folk Art paint


paintbrushes for touch up

paint roller and tray

lag screws

Frog tape

1.   We chose to go with a 3/8” plywood cut 3 feet by 5 feet.   I wanted to go with a plywood so that we could sand it later and give it a vintage feel.

2. While my sister-in-law was at the store getting the wood cut I was designing the stencil in my Silhouette Studio program.   I chose to cut it out with contact paper because it is way cheaper than using regular vinyl.   I first designed it to fit the 3’ x 5’ board using Arial Black and Varsity Regular fonts.

scoreboard design

Then I sized it to fit the 12” vinyl and cut three strips of the vinyl out with one line on each strip.

scoreboard vinyl

My brother-in-law is a big Philadelphia Eagles fan and I guess their old stadium Veterans Field was nicknamed “The Vet” so that is how we chose the name.   Then my nephew’s birthday is 4-27-09   and the 3 and 8 are his parent’s favorite numbers.

3.   I gave the board two coats of Kilz primer.   Once dry it took three of us to get the stencils lined up and centered and it still wasn’t close to perfect.   I also added Frog Tape to the edges to outline the board.


4. Then I sealed the contact paper stencil by applying a coat of the primer over it.   This way if anything bled it would be the white paint and not the green.


5.   Once dry I rolled a coat of Olympic Premium Basil Pesto over it.   While the paint was still wet I removed the contact paper stencil.


6.   Then I used a small brush and made any touch ups that I needed to do.   Then we sanded the sign giving it a distressed feel revealing some of the wood underneath.   Then I watered down some Folk Art Burnt Umber paint and applied it, wiping it with a damp cloth to give it a vintage grungy feel.


7.   We drilled holes through the sign and screwed lag screws directly into the wall.   We thought the lag screws looked most authentic with the sign.

lag screw


This is now the focal point of the room and adds the perfect touch to this sports themed room.


close up of sign