Dua Lipa's icecream

You first thought probably is: what is it special about vanilla ice cream, come on! Don’t you have anything better to publish?! Ooohh my friend wait and see what I bring you today because it’ll blow your mind. Dua Lipa’s favorite snack!! Vanilla Ice cream Idea

Now…if you’re old like I am, you might not know who Dua Lipa is (I didn’t) but my daughter knows really well. She told me the other day she was making a viral ice cream topping that this artist has ‘made famous’.

It sounded to me a bit weird but she made it, made me taste it and…wow! Instantly loved it!

Vanilla ice cream

What is the viral Dua Lipa favorite snack?

Well, apparently is this Vanilla ice cream with an unusual topping: olive oil and sea salt 🫣

I would not call it ‘snack’ but more of a dessert I suppose but to each their own, right? It is so good to have fun with food too!

To try it out, we bought some Madagascar Vanilla ice cream and used the best Virgin olive oil we could find. Also, the salt has to be sea salt and not that cheap refined (and unhealthy) table salt. Be mindful of that.

Vanilla ice cream with olive oil and salt topping

Olive Oil and ice cream??

Yes! And no, it is not crazy as it seems. The blend in flavors is incredible. I guess you need to, at least, like the olive oil taste of course.

It is a healthy fat and, although, we know store-bought ice cream is not the best option of all, it served us as a first go this time.

Ideally you wanna make your own homemade ice-cream and add these two toppings.

I wonder how the Cinnamon Vanilla Protein Pancakes could be transformed too…

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