Valentine’s Day Hershey Kiss Box

Do you need a last minute Valentine’s Day gift for your kid’s class, co-workers, bible study group, family, friends or Valentine party?   These little Hershey Kiss Petal Boxes are quick and easy and the perfect size for just one kiss.   They would make great party favors or a little gift on a plate for your Valentine’s day dinner.



Silhouette machine or scissors


white cardstock

1/4” ribbon

Hershey Kisses

Hershey Kiss Petal Box pattern (Silhouette)

Hershey Kiss Petal Box pattern (non-Silhouette users)

Glue dots

Glue Stick


1. Open the file in the Silhouette studio program and print in high-quality color onto white cardstock.   Or if you don’t have a Cameo machine you can print out the PDF and use scissors to cut them out as well.

print and cut

2.   In your Silhouette studio program choose cardstock (Heavy 80 lb.) with your blade set to 3 (or pink cap). Make sure you manually detect registration marks. Cut out boxes and kisses. For non-silhouette users use your scissors to cut the boxes out and a 3/4” hole punch to cut out the circle kisses.


3.   Poke out the boxes and fold on the perforated lines.   Glue side tabs in place and let it dry.   Adhere lip circles to the bottom of your chocolate kiss with a glue dot.


4.   Fold the bottom of the box and place one of the kisses inside.   Fold the top and wrap a ribbon around it and tie and bow.   You can singe the end of the ribbon to avoid fraying.


I designed four different box designs for your liking.

In order to use this design in the Studio program, you will need: Arial, Channel, Georgia, and JJFerule fonts.

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Do you like my little kiss boxes?   Click on the pictures to view my St. Patrick’s Day and Easter one.easter-hershey-kiss-boxkiss me i'm irish box_thumb