Upgraded Technology

I got the opportunity to receive a new laptop courtesy of Microsoft Windows 7 and Staples. I have to admit I have never purchased a computer from a store before. I have always had leased business laptops from Dell.  Technology advances so quick that this has always worked for me.  My current laptop is 2 years old and has been very sluggish for the past 6 months and I have been dying to finish out my lease so I could get a new one.

Staples.com ®. that was easy ® - Office Supplies, Technology, Furniture & more!

I never even knew Staples had computers.  I just thought they had office supply stuff.  I was pretty impressed with their selection of laptops (they have a ton more online as well).  In the particular store I went to they carried, Dell, HP, Toshiba and Acer. 


The assistant manager Aaron was the one who helped me.  He was very knowledgeable as he explained the differences in the capabilities of the computers. I was also surprised at their prices.  I expected them to be way higher.  I walked out the door for around $588 for a new HP laptop with a warranty and tax.

Here is the best part – that I could never get from buying a Dell over the phone.  They are currently offering free data transfer which means you bring in your old laptop and they transfer all of your files to the new one free of charge.


They also carry 100% lowest price guarantee.  If you find the same machine cheaper within 14 days you get your money back.

I had a Windows Vista operating system on my old laptop and my new one has Windows 7 so there is a slight learning curve as I learn about the new and upgraded functions it has.  I will let you know what I think of it soon.