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I have an obsession with figuring out new ways to organize things. I have told you before how I am a huge fan of hidden storage. I am not a huge knick-nack decorator so having organized jars of things on display just isn’t me.

Hence the reason I spent 4 months last year building my studio cabinets which hides everything.

One of the things that bugged me lately was my mess of an underwear drawer.  I counted 85 pairs of underwear.  So basically I could go 3 months without washing undies and be fine.  85 pairs?!?!?  What in the world!?!?

unorganized underwear drawer

Besides the fact that I am 30 pounds lighter than I was at this time last year and half of them are too big anyway. So I had a major undie purge fest and then I came up with a plan to keep them organized with 3” PVC pipes.

Adding the pipes to the drawer allowed me also to have room for my bras. Yes, I only have two sports bras and two regular bras – apparently, I am in the minority.

I talked to a couple of friends who have dozens of bras. Hmmm….I guess I just spend money on just a few that I love (see my favorites list of February to see my favorite sports bra) and apparently a lot of panties!

And showing you my bras and undies might be a little TMI (too much info) but hopefully this idea will help someone with an abundance-of-undies problem.organize those undies with pvc pipes

Dang, I am chatty today!

Okay onto my brilliant organizing idea…PVC pipes and different shades of pink spray paint and I am in organization heaven.

Supplies you need:

  • 3” PVC pipe (10 feet for $8 at Lowes)
  • Spray primer
  • Spray paint (I used Krylon – Watermelon, Ballet Slipper and Fairy Tale)
  • Chop saw
  • Optional: some clamps and a piece of wood to serve as a guide for cutting
  • Sanding sponge
  • PVC pipe  glue

How To Organize your Undies Drawer

Step 1

My drawer was 4 1/2” tall so I cut my PVC pipes down to 4” in width.

I used a piece of wood and some clamps onto my saw guide to cut my pipes all the same size. Then I chopped away.

stop block for cutting pvc pipes

cut pvc pipes

Step 2

Next, I sanded the top edges of the PVC pipes. I didn’t bother with the other side since I knew it would be touching the bottom of the drawer.

Believe me, you will want to sand, especially if you are going to grab underwear from them. No sharp edges wanted.

sanding the pvc pipe edges

Step 3

Spray priming isn’t necessary but I always do it for good measure.

Step 4

With a few light coats, a couple of minutes apart, spray your PVC pipes with different shades of paint.

Of course, spray painting is optional – but seeing the pink pipes in my drawer makes me happy.

pink pvc pipes

Step 5

Let those dry overnight and then use PVC glue to glue them together.

If you want to glue them to your drawer you can but I didn’t.

I just glued them to each other so the PVC pipe organizer is one unit.

I like the fact that they are removable down the road.

gluing pvc pipe organizers

Step 6

Add your undies. I added two pairs of like panty into the same spot.

So I still have 30 pairs – which again, still seems like a lot. I also was able to put my bras in the drawer since I purged. Boom!

underwear drawer organization

And I know this is weird but seeing all my undies in those little link tubes makes me smile every time.

Yes, I am easily amused. But that is okay, right?

organizing your underwear drawer

So for $8 and a few cans of spray paint I have an organization system that works for me and makes me giggle every time I open the drawer.

I call that a win.

undergarment organization

So tell me how many pairs of undies do you own?  Bras?  Would something like this work for you or am I totally off my rocker?

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  1. I barely have one bra–to wear! The weight went down 30 and back up 30 in the past 2-3 years. I love the Le Mysteire (Oprah’s fave) and have four of different sizes but all too small. I was wearing one (that fit–kinda) which was so beat up the cushion was lumpy and the hooks barely hooked. Then I had the comfy one but my girls (daughters–not “my girls”) had to ask if I was wearing one. My problem–all the straps are to short!! Always! So I did get a new batch from Zappos and will be wearing one out to try to the grocery…..yes, I am contributing TMI to make you feel not alone. As for undies–all the same and folded nicely in stacks. 🙂

  2. Having fought my panties for years for not appearing neatly in my drawer, I think you are brilliant! And I too only have four bras, which is one moe than my Mama told me I needed. Can’t wait to hit the hardware store for PVC and some brilliant yellow paint. Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Interesting organization. I like the paint colors. I just fold my panties into a small square and stack them. 3 piles as high as the drawer. On the other end of the drawer, I have a shoebox with misc lingerie. In the middle, my bras.

  4. This is such a great organization idea! I need to do this for my unruly underwear drawer. I’m still so in awe of your 30 pound transformation. I would love to do the same and your posts have been so inspiring!

  5. I’m not neat enough to fold all my undies… You saw the before. 😉 Stuffing them in a PVC pipe is more my style. Ha! Sounds like you have a good system going though.

  6. You crack me up! I am pretty open (as you can see), so there’s not really TMI where I am concerned. Props to you for keeping your undies folded in stacks!

  7. Absolutely brilliant! Nothing starts my day off better than opening a beautifully organized drawer.

  8. Finally a solution to my problem….
    I have almost 200 pairs of underwear and 32 bras….. It’s my weakness.
    If I had the choice to buy ANY ONE thing at the mall it would definitely have to be undergarments. I clean out my drawer every 2 months, but the collection never seems to get smaller. Although, I’ve stopped buying lace because they get very ratty looking after a few washes. I have always loved underwear and bras. It makes me smile and feel sexier knowing I have something great on underneath even if nobody else see it! 🙂

  9. Girl, 200 pairs? That’s awesome. I can imagine your drawer gets out of control! If you do try the PVC pipes, I’d love to know how it works for you.

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  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! It looks awesome. If I was as crafty as you are and could cut the pipes I’d probably do it myself. But I think I will find an alternative way to do it maybe with some cans or something. I’ll figure it out 🙂 and I totally agree on feeling great when looking at it. I’m obsessed with finding great ideas to organize also and would check out a system I created over and over again because it makes me feel happy! Thanks for sharing and love the shades of the same color idea as well. I’d probably go for the pink too..

  12. Thanks, Emi! I am so glad you like this idea. You may be able to sweet talk someone at the hardware store into cutting the pieces to size for you. Cans would totally work too though. Let me know what you end up doing!

  13. Well my solution was I covered cardboard with cheap contact paper -then cut slits in each piece -put them together in a square and been using it for more than 10 years. The cardboard pieces look like glass storage that you pack in. Did the same for bras and socks. Also did some other ones for kitchen utensils and lots of other places in the house…I am so cheap but it works and they last a long time!

  14. Definitely a project I am going to try for my own drawers. my boyfriend is at the hardware store picking up pvc pipe for mright now. Can’t wait! I’ll let you know how it turns out. Thanks for the great idea!

  15. Will it work for the tons of underwear my husband has?? Or any ideas to keep them from overflowing the drawer?

  16. I would check the dimensions of your drawer(s) and then see how many pipes you could fit in the drawer(s) and how many pairs of underwear will fit in each pipe.

  17. My wife’s underwear drawer is a mess, think she has about 120 pairs of bottoms. This looks like a good way to organize it.

  18. Have got the PVC and it’s all cut, just need to clean and paint and we’re good to go.
    We counted it out and she has 49 sets, 45 of these are 3 piece sets (2 different types of bottoms)

  19. I really want to try this method, but I’m foreseeing a difficult time cutting the PVC pipe. I think I might try it with a 3″ cardboard tube, if I can find one cheap enough. Would that be a craft store, office supply, or hardware store item?

  20. I probably have at least 100 pairs of undies and at least a dozen bras. Damn VS sales and no will power, lol. I’ll have to check into this, gotta see if it’ll work with my dresser drawers. I’d totally have aqua and yellow ones so they matched my room, your pink ones look pretty though!

  21. I fold mine in thirds, roll them, and put a rubber band around the bundle. I like the PVC pipe idea much more than my idea for storage.

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