Two Tiered Table Accesories

My two-tiered table is killing me.  I  am not a great accessorizer, I will be the first to admit.  Give me two tiers to decorate and I am cluelessFocal Point

Here is where I am at.  I heard that you are supposed to decorate in odd numbers.  Is that true?  I have three accessories on top and five on the bottom.  It seems like a lot and I feel cluttered but I am stuck.DSC05493My IC budget bought me a $.50 candle holder from a yard sale, a candle and picture frame(I still need to add a picture) found in my storage and a vase I found at Hobby Lobby for $17 filled with some silver, sparkly pears I got on clearance at Christmastime.DSC05494

The bottom tier included some red and black books (diet books, mind you) a little silver frame with my two kids that I got for $1.50 at Hobby Lobby, a $.50 candle holder from a yard sale with a glass jar on top  for $1.50 with some red gems from the Dollar Tree and my Dollar Tree bird I painted here.

DSC05495 The little pot ended up being $1 yard sale find and I painted it to match.IMG_1963 And I told you yesterday about the bird pillow I added to the chair.DSC05491 I am still not satisfied with the lamp.  It is too skinny and I feel like it just looks like it is hanging out.  I did raise it with some books to give it some height but will be looking for something more substantial to put there.

DSC05492 So what do you think?  All of you who rock at accessorizing do you like it, should I switch anything around?  add to it?  take something away?  I would love to hear your thoughts.