TWIZ the night before christmas

I know, I know… it should say “Twas the Night Before Christmas” but you’ll soon understand why…

I always have people asking for ideas for cute but cheap Christmas gifts.  You know when you want to give something small to show you are thinking of someone but you don’t want to break the bank?

Using your color printer and finding a cute way to package a treat is a fun way to show someone you are thinking about them for Christmas.

Today’s idea gives a bag of Twizzlers (under $3) but packs a punch with the cute little printable to up the cuteness factor. There is a printable for Neighbours and another one for friends. You choose.

Twiz the Night Before Christmas plus printable

How To Make the Christmas Gift

On the front, I came up with this poem…

“Twiz the night before Christmas,

and we wanted to say,

Thanks for being a great neighbor/friend,

Have a Merry Christmas day.”


You can download them here:

My kids are stoked beyond belief to go ding-dong ditch our neighbors on Christmas Eve to leave this on their doorsteps.

It is a print and go type of gift!  Easy peasy!

Simply print yours off and cut it out carefully with scissors. 

Wrap the printable around your Twizzler bag and tape it on the back. 

Then sign your name to one of the ornaments.


Other Cheap Gifts Ideas for Christmas

I love cheap and simple. It is usually as well filled with love. I have recently discovered the 5 senses gifts and it is a wonderful idea!

You can still choose to spend more or less but certainly can be done with a very small budget. Check it out for inspiration.

5 sense gifts

What is the five gift rule?

Another one that can be done in a small budget is the five gift rule.

This is a Christmas tradition in which people give or receive only five gifts:

  • Something they want
  • Something they need
  • Something to wear
  • Something to read
  • Something to share

The idea behind this tradition is to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and not get caught up in the materialism of the holiday season.

This rule can be adapted to suit individual families and their budgets, and the gifts do not have to be physical items – they could be experiences or acts of kindness.

In fact, the fifth one is a sort of ‘open idea’ that can be literally ANYTHING and as original and creative as you can dare!

To simplify it even more, there is the 3 Gift Rule as well, which is a reduced version. Obviously gifting 3 items instead of 5.

How To decide what gift to give someone?

This can be as easy or difficult as you want to make it. And I get it, I have been there before. Some people are trickier than others.

First, write down a list of people you want to gift presents this year. And then, for each, add a few bullet points from the ones below.

I find that following this questions helps a lot.

  1. Can I fix a problem they have?
  2. Am I creating a problem for them?
  3. Will they actually like it?
  4. Will they use it?
  5. If I were in their shoes… what would I like to get?
  6. What’s the meaning of this present?

If you still struggle after this, maybe you can try to use a Gift Finder and see what it pops up there.

What gifts should not be given at Christmas?

This can vary depending on your taste and potentially a million other conditions BUT… there you go.

Gifting should be thoughtful, so it is important to avoid anything that could potentially offend or be taken the wrong way, particularly during the holidays.

In general, gifts of an overly personal or intimate nature – such as lingerie or adult toys – should be avoided at all costs for Christmas.

Gifts which are too expensive can also make someone feel uncomfortable, as they may not be able to reciprocate the gesture.

Similarly, gifts which are too impersonal – such as gift cards or generic items like stationery – can make the recipient feel unappreciated.

These are things, in my humble opinion, you better avoid giving regardless of the budget.

Ultimately, the best gift is one that was chosen with thoughtfulness and care!

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  1. Hi Beckie,
    Just saw your Twizzlers Treat for a friend/neighbor, you showed last year. I think its great, but onre question-Where did you find the “Super sized” twizzlers bag?

  2. This is so cute! I let my daughter choose from several small gift ideas I found on pinterest and she likes this one the best. 🙂 Is there any way it can be edited to say “teacher” also?

  3. Hi Jessica, I am flattered that your daughter loved this idea among all the brilliant ones on Pinterest. 🙂 However, my printable designer did that printable for me. You can email him at Brian Rees and ask if he could make the change and how much he would charge. I am sorry I can’t help more.

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