Tuna melts

This has been one of my most recent discoveries and I am in love. You will be too. Tuna Melts with No carbs!

Most of us agree at this point with a low carb diet being the most healthy and convenient for everybody but, specially, for us women over 40. And as much as I used to love bread (and still do!) it bloats me, that’s a fact.

So I am on a mission to find the best low carb recipes on the planet and eat them as part of my new ‘no carb’ life.

Tuna Melt Ingredients

  • A can of tuna
  • Cheddar cheese, schreded
  • 1 egg
  • Pinch of salt

How To make the Tuna Melts

My advice is that you grate your own cheese. I have recently realized that the already grated has potato starch and we don’t want that!

I am using grated version in this recipe since it was too late ūüôĀ

Mix the 3 ingredients well.

Put some butter in a small pan and cook it as if it was an omelet. A silicon spatula is perfect to help with shaping it.

Serve with anything you like. In here I had them with some pickles.

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