Trip to the Couv

Sorry to all those faithful readers of mine for not posting in so long. We were out of town for some of the time but the rest of the time I just had bloggers block. It happens from time to time.

We went to Vancouver for the weekend. Our main purpose was to see Zippy and Nelly and their new baby Miesha. The Hartley’s were our closest couple friends before they moved to South Africa two years ago. This was their first time in the states since then and we took the opportunity to see them. So the whole family flew out for the occasion. It was really hard to connect though because of all the family and friends they had to see We hadn’t been back there since we moved 8 months ago and they hadn’t been there in two years so you can imagine all the people to see. But we did manage to go to Red Robin and Icecream Renaissance with them and the Madisons.

Here is the new Hartley family

And here is a picture of our good friends Steve & Louette. We were becoming great friends the year before we moved from Vancouver. Isn’t life like that? Anyway we did stay at their house the whole time we were there and it was awesome. They were so relaxed with us there and we felt like we could come and go as we pleased without disappointing them. We got a lot of quality time with them and conversation flowed freely.

I am squatting here because I am 7 inches taller than her and didn’t want to look like a giant

Here is the girls at Icecream Renaissance (the place with the best icecream in all the world).

Nelly and myself at her baby shower

And last but not least I got to hang out with Shan. She was my closest friend from the Couv and knows more secrets about me than anyone else, so I have to stay friends with her 😉 We hung out all day Saturday and then she made me play Guitar Hero. I think she knows how competetive I am and likes to humble me by making me play games that I completely SUCK at. That’s what friends are for.

For those of you who have moved away from a place you have lived before can probably relate to this next statement. Going back and seeing everyone felt familiarly unfamiliar. I was seeing people I knew and places I had been and it was fun to be there. Yet I felt unfamiliar because everyone was the same there (for the most part) but I had changed because I had moved and was no longer “part” of their everyday lives and I am experiencing completely different things. But there will also be a special place in my heart for so many people back there. Being in Washington made me miss the BEAUTIFUL scenary for sure. There is no other place I have been so beautiful (except Tennessee and Virginia in the fall – right Lula?) But being back there also affirmed to me that we are where we are supposed to be – flat lands, corn fields and all.