Well it has been three weeks since this room has been occupied.zack's room_thumb[1] I mentioned in this post that my teenage nephew Zack came to live with us.  It has been going extremely well.  I started homeschooling him because he came mid-semester and couldn’t attend school until the fall.  He is taking his mid-term in math this week and we only have like another week and a half of geography!  Then we will start two more classes.

He is 39 days away from getting a drivers license and he has a job interview on Friday!  Oh, and he also babysat for the first time in his life last week and changed a diaper.  I say he is growing up! 🙂

I told you that I would show you an update on his room decor.  Here is the TV stand I posted about here all decorated with his collection of videos.


IMG_1889 Here is his closet…pretty clean for a teenage boy huh?IMG_1890 He wasn’t crazy about the comforter I chose so we exchanged it out and got him a plain black one.  Can you tell he likes this one a lot better?

IMG_1891IMG_1893 In case you were unsure that a teenage boy lived here look at the evidence below…

IMG_1892He graduated to getting his very own cubby in our locker system in our mudroom (read about that here).IMG_1880 Thank you to all of you who sent well wishes and blessings to us as we made this transition in our family.  We couldn’t be more happy with how well he has acclimated to our family.

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  1. I am glad that everything is going well! I had to laugh when you said your nephew wanted a solid comforter. My youngest is the same, I wanted a stripe or some geometric design but no, he wanted something plain! Oh well. I don't go in there much. It has teen boy funk smell to it!

  2. Woohoo! So glad things are going well!! Wanna homeschool my two also – – sounds like you are being more effective at it than me!!!

  3. you'll be rewarded many times over…my niece lived with us for several yrs…blessedness!

  4. My baby brother lived with us during his senior year of high school. It had it's trying times, but I think it was good for both of us.

    And I think it's so funny how boys want the most plain things. Mine have just learned to not argue too much when I buy stuff.

  5. Whow, he seems to be a great kid (or should I say young man? What's the politically correct term here? 😀 ) You must be so proud of him!

  6. That's awesome to hear that he is doing so great! And i LOVE the way you did the "video" storage unit – that is great!

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