Have you heard of gripe water? I hadn’t either until last year when I was pregnant with Kayla. My friend Amy told me about it. It is a homeopathic, herbal remedy for colic, upset tummies, teething, hiccups, etc.


When Kayla was a day old she was crying for 45 minutes straight. It was a high pitch, ‘I-am-in-pain’ cry. We had this gripe water that Amy gave us for a baby shower gift and figured we had tried everything else. So we gave Kayla 1/2 tsp. of gripe water and she stopped crying immediately and tooted. My husband was like, “OK WHAT IS IN THAT STUFF?” He grabbed it out of my hand to read what was in it. Ours looks like a flask of vodka and he was positive we had just given Kayla a drink. LOL!


We buy ours at an Indian grocery store here in town. It is $3.50 for 8 ounces. Supposedly Kroger carries it also but it is like $8 on sale for 4 ounces. You can read more about it here, here and here. If she has the hiccups and she is upset about it then we will give her a little and she doesn’t have one more hiccup.


Now before any of you think I let her have 8 ounces a day let me make a disclaimer. Make sure you have exhausted all other options (is she tired?, wet?, hungry?, bored?) before you give your baby anything. Of course talk to your pediatrician about it. Mine is perfectly fine with it. It is waaaaaay better than Mylicon or any of those other drops on the market if you ask me.

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  1. We buy the concentrated stuff…LOVE IT!

    Wish I had known about it with my first baby! I didn’t find out about it until my third!

  2. So, what IS in it? Does the label say what ingredients “do the trick” – just curious…

  3. OMG, I love Gripe Water! It’s a miracle worker. Indy was not colicky, but very food sensitive. He was allergic to both milk and soy based formulas and on a prescription formula, but he still had terrible digestive issues. Gripe water never failed to settle his tummy and make him a happy baby. If only I could give it to him now. {sigh}

  4. My girls were never colic but I do remember my mom mentioning this and I wished I would have remembered when my daughter gave our little granddaughter Mylicon. The things you think of later… oh well.


  5. sure wish someone had told me about this when my almost 6 yr old was a baby. he really loved to cry. that’s why he can call me from any corner of the house and I can hear him :)…no matter where in the house i am!

  6. How interesting!! What’s in it?
    I’ll definitely keep this in mind when babysitting! 🙂

    Too bad I didn’t know about this two babies ago! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I will have to check that out! We used lots of Mylicon drops with Katie (sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t). Thanks for the tip. : )

  8. After having a colicky baby 20 years ago–I say a little Vodka probably would be acceptable! 🙂

  9. glad you found something that works so well! I’ve never heard of it…and have no need for it!! (and you know I’m happy to say that!)

  10. glad you found something that works so well! I’ve never heard of it…and have no need for it!! (and you know I’m happy to say that!)

  11. I’ve used it and love it! I’ve also done the whole if you are breastfeeding, dirnking chamomile and fennel seed tea. It goes through the breastmilk to calm baby’s tummy. I think those are the main ingredients in that to….I love gripewater!

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