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The Original Scrapbox is hosting a huge giveaway to celebrate the creation of their newest product–The Sewing Box!


The Sewing Box is available in Vanilla or Black BeadBoard. This incredible new workspace folds up into a sleek box, hiding all of your sewing projects.


There will be 11 preliminary giveaways with a chance to win an entry into the Grand Prize Drawing for one Sewing Box! Here is how to enter to win the preliminary giveaway:

You can win One Giant Cutting Mat (Retail $39.95)   and One entry into the Grand Prize Drawing for a Sewing Box in your choice of color.


If you are selected as a preliminary winner of the Cutting Mat, you will then be entered into the grand prize drawing held on www.RachelleWrites.blogspot.com on April 22, 2011. On that date, a random drawing will select a winner from all of the finalists to receive one Sewing Box (value $1295.00).

Giveaway open from April 13th to April 18th, 2011 at 11:59pm.

Giveaway Rules:

*The contest is open to addresses in the contiguous United States only.

*You can only enter under one name

* It is possible to win more than one preliminary prize, which means it’s possible to be entered into the grand prize drawing more than once.

*You must complete the required entry to be eligible to win

Here’s how to enter: Please leave details in your comment of how you entered with required links.   Visit all 11 blogs for extra entries into this fabulous giveaway!

*Required entry: You must visit The Original Scrapbox website and leave a comment here on my blog telling me your favorite item.

Extra Entries:

  • Become a Facebook Fan of The Original Scrapbox
  • Tweet the contest with linkback in your comment.
  • Facebook the contest with linkback in your comment
  • Add the contest button (pictured above) to your sidebar with a link to this contest


You can enter the preliminary giveaways with a chance to win an entry into the grand prize drawing at the following blogs:







Busy With The Cricky Spartansusscraper.blogspot.com





*Disclosure: I received free product from The Original Scrapbox to host this giveaway. All rules must be followed and correct United States address given for prize to be awarded.

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  1. I love the white mini box (the pic you posted!) Man, I could do some major organizing in my Mom’s sewing room with that. As much as I’d love to keep it for myself, she needs it MUCH worse!

  2. The black sewing box would be amazing! I just started sewing & it would be so helpful to contain all my new supplies!

  3. I visited the website and the sewing box is my favorite! It would be perfect for my no storage small house!

  4. WOW! Who wouldn’t love the sewing box. What a wonderful idea to have everything at your fingertips, yet tucked away. This would be my 1st choice!

  5. in LOVE with the SewingBox in the Vanilla Beadboard!

    This would store my serger and sewing machine just right with all the notions and accessories!!!

    I still work off a makeshift desk that someone gave me as a my sewing workspace.
    This would be fantastic as a new sewing workspace! It would keep me organized and efficient! 🙂

    I have liked then on FB! 😀

  6. I am torn between the sewing box and the work box……either one would be amazing to have….such great use of space…

  7. That is the coolest thing EVER. I just moved to a new place and my sewing stuff is everywhere. I love the sewing box, and thanks for probably the coolest give-away opportunity ever!

  8. I love the workbox in black beadboard. My eyes got huge when I saw it. Love the compartments, what a dream!!!

  9. The Sewing box is awesome! I’ve never seen anything like it before!! Definitely that is my favorite item!

  10. Oh I love the sewing box, but that EZ view desk is amazing too – I can’t decide.

  11. I have to say that while I love the idea of the sewing box, my favorite thing is The ScrapMaBob. I have knocked over so many drinks and already sent the link to my husband as a what to get me for Christmas.

  12. Oh that sewing box is awesome! I have seen folding sewing stations before, but nothing like this. It looks like it holds pretty much EVERYthing you need to sew. Very cool!

  13. Beckie with Infarrantly Creative Scrapbox Giveaway

    Thanks for the chance at a very fun giveaway, it was hard to decide, if I was good, I would choose a small scrapbox for a family member who scraps alot, but since this would be for me, I love, love, the new Sewing Box, that you have featured.

  14. I would love one of each.. but if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be the sewing box… the storage in that thing is AMAZING! 🙂 The beadboard style is perfect! Great giveaway!


  15. Beckie with Infarrantly Creative Scrapbox Giveaway

    Have posted a contest button on my site with a linkback to this giveaway.



  16. I LOVE the sewing box! I just spent the last few days moving my machine and projects tot he basement because it was unsightly in our living room. This would be perfect!

  17. Wahoo! Glad they are doing this again! Hands down I would LOVE the Workbox, but all of their products look fantastic!

    For extra entries:
    1. I am a fan of the Original Scrapbox on FB
    2. I posted on my FB page
    3. I tweeted the about the contest http://twitter.com/#!/disdreamer98
    4. I put the contest button on my blog sidebar. http://disneydreamerdesigns.blogspot.com/

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!
    melissaallore at hotmail dot com

  18. I love the sewing box, I have a small house and it would be perfect!!
    the scrap ma bob thing-a-ma jig is neat too. I don’t do much scrapbooking, so the sewing box the best!

  19. I love the sewing box. There is a lot of storage space as well as sewing area. I love having elbow room!

  20. I love the vanilla beadboard sewing box – what a fantastic design (I would just have to find/repurpose a matching armoire for my stash.

  21. OMGoodness! I love the scrapbox. I need the sewing box and then the scrap box to match. I don’t know which one I like more.

    I liked on FB
    I commented with a link back on FB
    I put a button on my sidebar
    I am now a follower of this blog

    Thanks so much!

  22. I am loving the Black Beadboard sewing box. Hubby would love for me to have a place to hide all my sewing “stuff”

  23. WOW isn’t this the ULTIMATE PRIZE!!! I have followed all the rules, postings and likes even learned to Tweet, and my favorite thing is the Workbox but the Sewbox would be perfect for me because it takes up less space, thanks so much for the opportunity to win the awesome cutting mat too!!! Goodluck everyone!!

  24. I would also have to choose the SewingBox. With a 2 year old that gets into everything, it would be nice to be able to “hide” everything out of her reach when it is not in use.

    Also I have finally subscribed to your blog after months of just sneeking a peek once a week. You Rock!

  25. I visited and love the Sewing box in Vanilla. I think all their products look terrific though.

    1. I was already a FB fan

    2. I posted a link on my blog – http://lovealwayschar.blogspot.com/

    3. I also posted the button on my sidebar

    4. I posted on my FB page

    smilesmoore2 atverizon dotnet

  26. My favorite item is the Minibox! I am a fb fan of the original scrapbox 🙂

    Emily (coolcricutcreations at yahoo dot com)

  27. LOVE this!! I love the craftbox! Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize!

    amandawoodau at hotmail dot com

  28. The sewing box is so neat and those storage drawers and boxes look awesome!

    stacia.ciminski at gmail dot com

  29. What a cool giveaway. Love the sewing box. The work box is my fave bc I do way more than sewing. Pretty sure that my hubs would think he’d died and gone to heaven if I got one of these. He’d have his house back!

  30. Wow, I had never seen their products but went to their website to check them out. I’d love to have a Vanilla Sewing Box but also loved the Craft Box!

  31. I have seen the Minibox and thought it was a great idea, but I am hands down blown away by the Sewing box. My poor machine and cabinet have been in 3 different rooms trying to find a place that it fits (still not happy). This box, however, would make it fit in anywhere. Great,great idea.

  32. I would LOVEE to have a sewing box! As a college student it’s difficult to find enough space to store all my sewing things so this would be perfect for me!

  33. THis is the first I have heard of the company. i am in love with the sewing box. It is now on my wish list.

    follow on FB

  34. So many wonderful products but I am really torn between the Paper Tower and the Sewing Box. Thanks for the opportunity.

  35. Entering the required link:
    I LOVE the Sewing Box. Imagine the work you can do when you have a box that starts out 39″x22″ and ends up 78″ long with a table extension that’s 42″x17″. There’s room for any type project. AWESOME!

  36. I like the sewing box of course, and the paper tower!

    sharesalarsen at gmail dot com

  37. The Workbox is my favorite, and the Vanilla board bead style is just gorgeous.

    Thanks for the chance to enter this fun contest. I love your blog!

  38. ALL of the boxes are AWESOME but the one that I LOVE, the one that I NEED is the Sewing Box. This box would help me out so much. I do not have much space and all of my sewing things are wherever I can find a place. This would be AWESOME to have. DEFINETLY a dream come true.

  39. Amazing!! I would love to win!! I love The Sewing Box, and the EZ View Craft Desk. All of their products are awesome! What great storage and organization of all of that “stuff” I have that I can never seem to organize and store myself!!

    Thank you!!

  40. For my needs the Minibox is a great fit – love it in Vanilla Beadboard. That isn’t to say I couldn’t use the Workbox…lol. Thank you for the opportunity to enter. 🙂

  41. Love their Workbox. Awesome Contest. I am a FB fan of their’s and new follower here. I also posted the contest button to my sidebar. Thanks for a chance to win.

  42. Oh my goodness, the sewing box is the most amazing thing ever. I LOVE IT!!!Currently all of my sewing necessities are scattered about our home, some in a bedroom, some in our den, some in my kitchen and some on my sewing table, this would be the answer to my dis-organization!!!The black sewing box would be a great addition to our home, fitting in perfectly with the rest of our decor. I know that even my husband would love the sewing box, as he love everything to be organized and have its own place.

  43. Oh my… I am so glad you posted about this website! I LOVE the mini workbox! Must get one of those!

  44. I love the Sewing Box! I am a avid sewer and feel guilty having my projects on he kitchen table for weeks on end! I would LOVE to win the sewing box!!! My odds aren’t good though! I have never won a thing in my life… fingers and toes crossed!!!

  45. I love all the products. Such a hard decision, but it would have to be the Sewing box.

  46. Of course I would love to win the amazing craft box, but I would take any of their products!!! The sewing desk would probably inspire me to sew more

  47. The Sewing Box Rocks! I live in a tiny house and right now my sewing projects and machines are stuck in a corner. I could really use a sewing box!

  48. Since I’m not much of a scrapbooker but I love to sew my favorite is defnitely the new sewbox. In black, of course. 🙂

  49. I want the mini box, the craft box, and the ez view craft desk, all in white bead board. And like 10 of the ribbon boxes.

  50. I love the Minibox : Vanilla Beadboard. Not just for crafts, but it would be great for my sons toys in the living room.

  51. Holy moley! I’ve never seen anything like this, and it is absolutely amazing! I’m so impressed with all their products! i have to say that the Sewing box is definitely my favorite, though I love the EZ view desk to! Wow! this is an AWESOME giveaway! (And love that snazzy matt too!)

  52. I have been a fan of the scrapbox for a long time, but I have to say I think that sewing box is the coolest thing ever! I don’t sew a whole lot, so it would be great to have everything organized and packed nicely away until I’m ready to use it. Love that!

  53. Love the workbox. I could really get my craft/sewing room organized. Also LOVE the new sewingbox. Hard to choose just one favorite.

  54. Love Love Love the Black Beadboard Sewing Box! It would fit perfectly in my craft room!
    Extra Entries:
    Facebook Fan of The Original Scrapbox

    Now I’m off to visit the other blogs!!

  55. I am getting ready to re do my craft room and if I could go all out I would get the workbox on wheels. WOW!

  56. I am now obsessed with the Craft Box. I love that it doesn’t require extra room on it’s sides to open up. My partner would be so happy to not have to look at all my bins of supplies anymore! I also happily “liked” them on Facebook!

  57. I would love this! I need an area that would keep all my sewing items in one place. Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. I love the vanilla sewing box. It would be such an improvement over sewing on my kitchen table!

  59. My favorite is the Sewing Box. The other boxes are definately cool but I have storage for my other craft stuff…just need somewhere to put all my quilting stuff and my 2 sewing machines! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!
    sweetheartcopper at msn dot com

  60. Holy Cannoli!!! I went to the website and decided I loved everyone in every color but if you make me pick………..well it would have to be the sewing box, no, make that the scrapbox in black. But I wouldn’t turn down the sewing box!

  61. I love the black beadboard sewing box!

    I follow your blog and I liked you on FB.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. I have a really small crafting corner in my house but the Work Box would be such a great way to organize everything!

  63. I love, love, love, the workbox in knotty alder! What i could do with that!!!! I could finally be organized!

  64. My favorite is the Vanilla Beadboard Sewing Box. That would be wonderful to store and contain all my sewing stuff.

  65. What a fantastic giveaway Infarrantlycreative! I visited The Original Scrapbox and the Sewing Box is my favorite, but the Minibox is also great!

  66. Wow i have never seen these products before. I love the Scrapbox, but I think my favorite is the sewing box.

  67. I would love to have the Sewing box, although I could put the mini box to work too! Thanks!

  68. I think all the systems are fabulous, but I’d most love to have the sewing box in vanilla beadboard. What an exciting giveaway!

  69. I would love one of each from their webite. My favorite is the vanilla sewing box. A fan on facebook and went to all 11 blogs. Thanks for the giveaway.

  70. My favorite is the Original Scrapbox Sewing Box! If I had this I would finally have a place for my sewing machine out of it’s case.

  71. My favorite item of theirs is the sewing box. It’s miles ahead of my current sewing setup.

  72. My most favorite product of The Original Scrapbox would be the EZview Desk (in white bead board)! I hope I win 🙂

  73. I love the black beadboard sewing box! The storage drawers are pretty sweet too. I love that you can easily see into them.

  74. This is the first I’ve heard of this company and I have to say that their website is amazing!! I love the EZ view desk. I LOVE the idea of being able to SEE everything while I’m working on a project. It’s amazing.

  75. How cool is this! I have been wondering how I was going to move all my sewing stuff out of my college son’s room when he gets home in May, into my living room. This would be perfect!

  76. I watched the demo video and when the guy opened the door, my jaw dropped! Holy cow! Love that original scrapbox! (Leaning towards the vanilla color!)

  77. I love all their products. I really like the new sewing box and the ribbon box. I “like” the original scrapbox on FB.
    kimmieandbucky @ gmail . com

  78. OF course, my favorite item is the Original Scrapbox, but I could settle for the sewing box or the minibox.

  79. I totally love the workbox. The full size one in the distressed alder color. It would be an amazing addition to my craft room!! I love all the room!!

  80. love the original scrabox//workbox. its my dream to own it 🙂 i followed all the requirements to enter ( posted and linked back to chris wootens blog) thank you for the opportunity to win..glad i found your blog too! good luck to everyone!

  81. Thank you! I love the original scrapbox company. I love all their products. I am a fan of the Original scrapbox. I became a fan of sew many cards. I tweeted this. http://twitter.com/#!/MrsCopa and I put it on my fb http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/ashleigh.copenhaver
    I also added this to my blog and side bar
    and I am now a follower

    aecopenhaver at gmail dot com

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  82. Wow! What an amazing opportunity to win something truly amazing!! My favorite item is the EZ-View Desk but everything they make is really clever… and did I mention amazing?

  83. That sewing box is exactly what I have been looking for! I have even considered trying to build something but it never would have been this cool!

  84. I would love to have the workbox of course, It is truly what organization is about. I love to do many crafts and their products allow for those creative moments. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this give away! Now wish me luck!

  85. I love the Craft Box. It would be so nice to have everything so organized in one spot! I am now a facebook fan as well.

  86. I am in love with the sewing box. I can’t believe something that amazing exists for my “old lady hobby” as my friends call it.. 🙂

  87. I love the vanilla sewing box!! It would be great to have a one place for all my sewing stuff.

  88. I like the new sewing box in white because I am just starting to sew and it’s just what I need to conceal my machine from little hands! 🙂

  89. I have visited the Original Scrapbox website and by far my favorite product is the Sewing Box. It is exactly what I need for my space!

  90. I would love to win the sewing box, in the raised white panel. I had to sell my beautiful sewing table for almost nothing when we moved and I’m just sick about it. This would make me feel all better!

  91. The vanilla beadboard sewing box is absolutely awesome and would be a dream come true! It would match perfectly with the decor in my absent college-aged daughters room… the one that I’d LOVE to turn into MY sewing room! No more ketchup spills on fabric from sewing in the kitchen? What a glorious thought!

    Thanks for an amazing chance at this giveaway!

  92. Hi,
    Great stuff at scrapox! I have been drooling over the Original Scrapbox forever now… just can’t do it 🙁
    Love the new one too! Thanks for the chance to win… am a follower of your blog now 🙂

  93. I love the original Work box in Vanilla raised panel,I like the rest of them too.

    I like the Original Scrapbox on FB too.

    I know have 10 more blogs I am following along with chances to win free stuff, thanks for this wonderful giveaway.


  94. Visited the Original Scrapbox website and my favorite item is The Minibox : Black Raised Panel

  95. The sewingbox looks AMAZING! I, like others have mentioned, work at a desk that is not as ergonomically sound as it should be. Having a proper height for the machine would help my back a lot. Plus, my sewing room doubles as our guest room. Having everything disappear behind the bead-board would make me feel better about having guests.

  96. Since I’m currently trying to finish a baby quilt with my sewing machine on the dining room table, my favorite is definitely the Sewing Box (in vanilla).

  97. I’ve been to the Original Scrapbox website and just have to say that I like everything I saw. However, since I’m an avid papercrafter, I would have to say my favorite thing is the Workbox in the beautiful Knotty Alder. This is not only so very functional but it is an absolutely wonderful looking piece of furniture. And almost equal with the Workbox in my line of thinking, since, I, too, sew, is the new Sewing Box. I like it in the Vanilla Beadboard.

  98. This is awesome!!! I would love this to help organize my craft and sewing things. I really like the vanilla sewing box.


  99. What a fabulous giveaway…I am already a follower of the scrapbox…My favorite piece has always been the original scrapbox…now I am loving the sewing box. I am a newbie follower…I posted this on my sidebar and facebook. Thanks you for the chance of winning something wonderful.

  100. Love them all, but right now the top on my list is the Sewing Box and I am excited to get a chance to win one. I did all the things we were instructed to do; however, I wasn’t sure how to do all that linking. Did all the rest. Can;t wait to see who wins!

  101. My favorite is the sewing box. I thought the scrapbox was amazing but I’m much more into sewing so the sewing box would be absolutely stellar.

  102. I liked the EZ view desk, but really, If I were going to pick one, I’d pick the sewing desk!
    What a great solution for a small space to store all of your stuff! (believe me, I have the space issue)!

  103. I would love to own the SewingBox in black bead board. I also liked The Original Scrapbox on fb.

  104. I love the ‘sewing box’ but the entry rules are confusing – I don’t understand – but I started at Rachelle’s – ‘how you entered the required links’ but I don’t see any comments on that so maybe I just over read – this box would so much put my sewing room in order – thanks Jeanie Allen

  105. I adore the vanilla sewing box! I am always trying to find ways to organize my sewing stash. This would help so much it might be the fix I need.

  106. So very cool! The sewing box is my favorite as I’m a big sewer! I’d choose the black beadboard.

  107. OHHH baby! I HOPE I win the sewing box! I think I might love it more than my DH, at least for a while. 🙂 Please Karma be my friend today.

    1. I became a fan on FB
    2. Posted to my FB profile at aythomas1
    3. I tweeted it @adlivamy
    4. I posted it to my blog http://trophywifequest.blogspot.com

    PS – LOVE your site!

  108. Hi, I was sent here by Rachelle’s link for the Sewing Box contest. This is going to be a “standard issue” post because there are so many new blogs to follow and post messages to right now.

    I have visited The Original Scrapbox and my favorite product is their Workbox with the space for the Cricut. While I love my really Original Scrapbox, I wish I had the space for my baby!

    I am now a follower of your blog.

    I am enjoying all the “new to me” blogs with tons of ideas and different perspectives on crafts. Thanks for sharing!

    scraphappy7 at hotmail dot com

  109. While the craft box is cool, I’d love the sewing box! I’m a new sewer and would love to have a place for all my stuff!

  110. I love the EZ View Desk and the scrapbox! Can’t decide on the color yet since we haven’t decorated our office yet!

  111. 1)I’m a fan on facebook
    2) I posted about this on my blog (since it’s been so long that I can’t remember how to post a button)! http://sepulvedablvd.blogspot.com/2011/04/give-away.html

    I LOVE the sewing box in white, but I’m torn between that and the black scrapbox. Both are exactly what I need for my insane hobbies and piles of unfinished business I have to keep away from to very little grabby children!! it would be nice not to have to lug my bins ot sewing or scrap boxes to our tiny ktichen on our even tinier table and then have to load it all back away before the morning to make breakfast for the kids.

  112. My favorite is the CraftBox : Vanilla Raised Panel .. whew wouldn’t that organize and help any crafter!

  113. Hi! What a great solution for people like me who love to craft but don’t have the best storage setup. My favorite product is the Minibox : Vanilla Beadboard- really inovative!

  114. I would love to win the Sewingbox. I would start sewing more if I had a place to keep everything handy. I do have to say my favorite item would be the minibox.

  115. Oh my goodness, I love The Sewing Box, that would be my favorite. I want it, I need it!! All my sewing stuff is so unorganized and my machine sits on my closet floor when I’m not using it, otherwise I sew on the kitchen table. I would love it!!

  116. I love the EZ desk and the scrap box and they are my favorite!!! and l also love the white color in matches everything what I have. .

  117. Fan on FB ~ LOVE LOVE LOVE the white sewing box! Ohhh, we are just in the mudding stages of my new sewing room ~ soon to be textured and painted a pale yellow with a big south window ~ it will be my heaven in a houseful of boys!!! ahhhh. .. .

  118. I LOVE The Sewing Box….I’m not even sure I can live without it for as long as this contest lasts! My sewing stuff is literally in random extra spaces in several rooms.

  119. I love the Sewingbox on the website! It would be so nice to have an organized work space!

  120. Wow! I’ve been eyeballing the Craftbox for a long time, but it’s pricey. Plus, I really needed it for sewing. Now I’m salivating over the vanilla beadboard Sewbox.

  121. Wow that is a toss up. I really like the craft box and the original mini in vanilla! What a great product for someone who is challenged for space.

  122. LOVE, the Sewing Box. Just moved and trying to fix up a sewing room. This would be perfect in black.

  123. My favorite item at the Original Scrapbox shop is the Original Sewing Box in Vanilla Beadboard. It would help me reduce the chaos in our (former) dining room. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  124. I am in love with that Craftbox. I think it needs to appear in my apartment very soon lol.

  125. SAVE MY MARRIAGE help me hide my crafts! My favorite is the workbox because I sew but I do so much more. And my craftroom was given to my first child and now with two I really need the space!

  126. I have been wanting The WorkBox : Vanilla Beadboard for ages!

    Folllowing the scrapbox on facebook

    sassygirl4u27 at yahoo dot com

  127. My poor sewing machine has no designated space for storage or work projects. It got pushed right out of the office/scrapbooking room with a pc, laptop, photosmart printer, Silhouette Craft cutter, ect., ect. ect. So much going on in that room, but I LOVE IT!!!!! My daughter said I had no more room left, unless I hang it from the ceiling. Sad, but true. I would loe the new sewing box station.

  128. I visited ScrapBox website and I love the new SewingBox the best. I can just picture my Cricut on it.
    I also “like” on Facebook
    Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous prize. I am so glad I am a subscriber to EveryDay Cricut
    as that is how I got here.

  129. LOVE the sewing box! This would be a wonderful addition to my craft space! THANK YOU for the opportunity!

  130. The Sewing Box is absolutely my favorite. I love papercrafting but sewing is my passion. I have very limited space to sew so this would be PERFECT! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!
    lklebs1 at yahoo dot com

  131. My sewing machine is lonly out in the livingroom when all my other craft stuff is in my craftroom, winning a sewingbox would give me a place in the craftroom to put my machine.I so love this box.

  132. I love the workbox and now the sewing box. I would love to have both in black.
    Loved your medicine cabinet re-do. THanks for sharing.

  133. Hi My name is Peggy and I LOVE the sewing box in Vanilla. My husband is active duty military and we move alot! We are currently in our 4th house in the third state in 18 months and due to move again in June. The sewing box would work perfect for me as we live in base housing so I never know how much room I’ll have to set up my sewing machine. I make deployment blankets out of old uniforms and this would be the best thing ever!! Thanks for having the give away!!

    I am a facebook fan!!!

  134. Would love to have sewing box. I am building a sewing room. How wonderful to have this beauty!

  135. I LOVE the sewing box (and would use it for more than just sewing!) I don’t care which color…just LOVE it! I’m also a fan on Facebook! Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  136. I love the white sewing box!!!! I have recently been sewing sitting up to my tv tray on a not so comfortable stool, so this would be awesome to have. Also, that is my sewing machine shown on the pic!! Maybe it is meant to be!!!

  137. I would love the The Minibox : Black Beadboard ! Wow!! What an amazing product and amount of storage.

  138. I am IN LOVE with the EZ View Craft Desk in White AND the Sewing Box in Vanilla Beadboard; this just might lead to an affair!

  139. I am in love with the white mini sewing box pictured above! I live in such a small apt. With two almost three children and no place to sew! I could really put this little gem to good use!

  140. OMG!!! I stumbled upon your blog looking for a hooded towel pattern and found this giveaway! I am IN LOVE with the sewing box. I never knew this existed. I just started sewing and have been looking for the right table to fit in my teeny tiny house. And here is this amazing piece of furniture. I WANT IT!!

  141. I love all of them!! I think that the mini workbox would be kinda cool, and I like them in white!!

  142. Facebook fan of scrapbox with my personal and blog page facebooks!!! 🙂

  143. My favorite is a tie between the sewing box and the craft box- both in vanilla!

  144. I became a fan of the Orginal Scrapbox on FB, also became a follower of yours!
    I love their products!!
    thebowsersapril97 at yahoo dot com

  145. I follow on FB
    Love the original Scrapbox
    Spread the news through FB
    drcdmc21 at yahoo dot com

  146. I really like the sewing box, vanilla color. I am already a fan of the Original Scrap Box on Facebook!

    Awesome contest!

  147. I would love the black sewing box. I really want a sewing machine but in our small condo there is nowhere to put one. This would solve that problem.

  148. The white sewing box is my fave! I just started sewing this past year and i could use some organization

  149. The mini box or the craft box would be perfect since I’ll be losing my craft room very soon!

  150. I love the workbox with the Knotty Alder Raised Panel. My extra entry is :
    I am a FB fan of The Original Scrapbox.

  151. I visited their website and love the Knotty Alder Raised Panel Workbox. My extra entry is being a FB fan of The Original Scrapbox page.

  152. I love the Craft Box

    I like The original scrap box on facebook

    princess . ambi at gmail . com

  153. 1. I lobe thesewing box.
    2. I am a fb fan of the original scrapbox.
    3. I commented about the giveaway on fb with a link back

  154. I LOOOOOVE the sewing box! It’s one of those things that makes you say “Why didn’t I think of that?” when you see it! Thanks for the opportunity!

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