Crockpot shredded beef

Yes, this is without a doubt The Best Ever Crockpot Shredded Beef I have ever made. Using jarred sauce that is. I have a big family on my mom’s side.  If we are all in attendance it is well over 50 people. 

Whenever we get together we always do potlucks, pitch-ins, a dish to pass, covered dishes…what do you call it?  Basically we all bring something as a side dish or a dessert to share with everyone else. 

There are a few staples that need to be at our family gatherings or I am disappointed, namely Broccoli Salad, Strawberry Pretzel Dessert, and Oreo balls. 

Recently this Crockpot Shredded Beef made with giardiniera sauce is quickly becoming a family fave as well.

I tweaked the recipe a bit to add more flavor than just the giardiniera sauce and I must say it is by far my most favorite shredded beef recipe I have ever tried. 

And it is so simple, a crowd favorite and can be made in a crock pot.  Potluck perfection!


  • 3 pound beef roast
  • Jar of giardiniera sauce (they sell it at Dollar Tree)
  • 6 pepperoncinis (they sell it at Dollar Tree)
  • 1/2 packet of ranch dressing mix
  • 1/2 packet of Au Jus mix
  • 1/2 stick of light butter
  • Rolls

1.  Add your beef to the crock pot.  You want meat with a little marbling for flavor.  But I try and get a leaner roast just to cut calories.


2.  Add 6 pepperoncinis on top of the beef.


3. Sprinkle on the 1/2 of a dry ranch dressing packet and 1/2 of a packet of the Au Jus.


4.  Then add one jar of the giardiniera sauce and 1/2 stick of light butter.


4.  Cook on low until the beef shreds easily usually 8-10 hours.


5.  Remove all the cooked veggies with a slotted spoon.  Reserve in a bowl.


6. I then remove the beef and put it in my Kitchen Aid mixer bowl with the paddle attachment and shred it that way.


7.  Put the shredded beef back into the crockpot with the liquid and cook on low another 30 minutes.


8.  Serve on rolls.  I buy the 90 calorie mini rolls in the bakery section of the grocery store and add 3 ounces of beef to the sandwich (yes I measure). 

I figure it is right around 250-275 calories a sandwich.


For those that like the veggies they can add them on top of the sandwich.  For those that don’t they still get the full flavor without them. 

It is so yummy and perfect for a crowd.

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  1. Geez I would really like to make this meal as it looks yummy, but sadly we have none of those ingredients here in the part of Australia that I live – except for the butter, beef and rolls! What a shame! Hope it turns out well for everyone else 😉

  2. Does this taste like vinegar? Does it taste like the vegetables in the sauce? It looks delicious, but I am skeptical about the ingredients, I definitely do not want it to taste like pickles cauliflower.

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