That Darn Sunshine!

So I invited Sunshine over for lunch today. She has been co-leading our bible study with me. We just finished “When Godly People Do Ungodly Things,” by Beth Moore. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! I have done about 7 of her studies and I think this is my favorite. Anyway back to Sunshine. So we decided to play a game. She loves games also. She is as competitive as I am but WAAAAAAAAY nicer. So I wanted to play Bazaar with her.

I first played this game with my mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law. I had fun so I search high and low on the internet and found it (it isn’t manfactured anymore). So we have played it two other times; once with Sweetheart and her husband and another with Preggers and her husband. And both times it was not fun and we quit part way through it! So I thought I would give it one last go-around to see if it is worthy of my game closet and play it with Sunshine. She redeemed the game. It was a blast.

But that darn Sunshine BEAT ME! Grrrrr! I do not like to lose. I demand a rematch Sunshine! We are not talking about about a small victory where she squeaks it out at the end. She spanked me 70-47! Ouch my pride hurts. At least she washed my dishes for me while she was here, I guess that was worth the loss.