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Unless you have lived under a rock for the past year, you probably have already heard of the Target Cartwheel app. It is by far the easiest way to save money at Target. All you need is a smartphone and to sign up for an account. As you can see I am quite active with Cartwheel. I have cashed in over 76 offers and saved over $150 on everyday purchases at Target.


Here are some tips you might not know about the Cartwheel app.

1. First off you have to sign in via Facebook, Google+, or your account.

2. The most amazing thing about the app is that while you are in the store you can scan your items with your cell phone to see if there is a discount on it. I make sure I scan every item in my cart. Even if you are only saving 5% it still adds up.

3. If you read each Cartwheel coupon terms & conditions many times you can use the discount up to 4 items.

4. In addition to the Cartwheel discount you can also use manufacturers coupons, Target printable coupons or Target digital coupons (TEXT OFFERS to 827-438 to subscribe to those) to get an even greater discount!

5. When you first join Cartwheel you have 10 spots for coupons. The more you save and share the more badges you get. Badges allow you to have more spots for coupons. I am up to 22 spots. While I never have used that much I have used over 10 in one transaction so I am glad I have more open spots.

6. Now I am not a proponent of credit cards. I don’t believe anything, even Target, is worth going into debt for. However, Target has a Target REDcard Debit card. It will withdraw your transaction right from your checking account. So no going into debt. On top of that you save 5% if you use the card. This adds up people. I highly recommend signing up for a card.

So here is a typical Cartwheel transaction. Upon entering the store I saw there was a bunch of clearance on school supplies. I saw a sign for 50% off printer paper. Upon scanning it in the Cartwheel app I added another 10% off on top of that making it $1.57 a pack! Steal of a deal!

So in this transaction I got a gallon of milk, 4 packs of printer paper, two clearance lunch boxes, 4 Dollar Spot items, and 4 packs of markers all with a Cartwheel discount.

Check out the savings baby!

I used my Target Debit REDcard for an additional 5% off and my total was $28.65 after tax.

6. Oh one last tip. Many times they will offer 50% off coupons valid for one or just a few days. This is Target’s way of making sure they see me every week! HA! A couple of  weeks ago I saw a 50% off C9 shorts for boys or girls on Cartwheel. I jammed over to Target and got my son 4 pairs for $5 each (regularly $9.99). My son lives in these. One of them even rang up for only $1.49!

So if you haven’t downloaded the Cartwheel app I hope I have given you enough of a reason to. It really is so easy to use and something you don’t have to think about beforehand. You just go into Target, open the app and start scanning your products, or browsing for coupons.

Disclaimer: This is a compensated post on behalf of Target. As you can see you can’t fake it when you love something. So all opinions are my own and my experience with utilizing this killer app.

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  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself! Also, if you register your RED card online and choose a school, they will benefit from your shopping as well. Even if your children don’t go to a public school, or you don’t have children, it is still worthwhile to pay Target’s generosity forward.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I have wanted to love this app since it came out and just haven’t. I’ve found it very confusing and hard to use and haven’t been able to find what I’m looking for on it. Also I’ve never seen good deals on it like what you mentioned. I just checked it out again and I see some great deals now. I had no idea you could scan your items, I love that idea! I’m definitely going to try that out now!

  3. So glad to help, Tiffany. I love the scanning feature too and use it every time I go. The deals are always changing too, so you just gotta keep your eye out. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! 🙂

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