Bathroom Storage Shelf

Laura from Finding Home is back sharing how she turned yet another door into something amazing.  I think the girl has an endless supply of old doors.  But she can keep working it because the girl has some mad skillz of making some amazing projects with doors.  And this bathroom storage idea is no exception. 

Bathroom Storage Ideas


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Repurposed Wooden Shipping Crate Table

I want to be the first to introduce you to Tricia from Simplicity in the South.  She is one of my new contributors and today is her big debut on Infarrantly Creative.  When I saw her blog and her amazing style I reached out to her and begged her to be part of my team.  I think you will realize quick how talented she is and you will want to spend some time over at her house checking out her projects.

wooden shipping crate table


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Craft Room Organization

Are you a peeker?  When you are at someone’s house and go to the bathroom do you open drawers and medicine cabinets?  Are you nosey like me?  I don’t know what it is about peeking inside cabinets that thrill me.  I just love seeing what beauty products people use, how they organize, and what they keep in their cabinets, etc.  I don’t expect to find any big family secret but I would totally be the person who this happened to.


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Chest R Desk

I am a sucker for hidden storage.  And anything that has dual purpose has me wrapped around its finger.  When I saw the Chest R Desk I was like “I want four one!” Do you need a gift idea for your kids or grandkids?  What your kids need more of is probably not toys but {…Read More…}