5 Ways to Marble Home Decor

I did a little looking and found some fantastic home decor ideas you can make yourself using techniques similar to the one I used to make my marbled picture mats. Colorful marble textures are definitely the next big trend, so I recommend trying out one of these quick and easy projects. Enjoy!

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She Sent me What? {Repurposed Ceramic Growler Planter}

Jen from JenniferRizzo.com formed this fun collaboration with a bunch of creative bloggers where we each sent and received a fun thrifted or found object in our home to another blogger.  Then we had to take that received thrifted item and add it to our decor.  Some of my favorite girls, The East Coast Creative girls had me and they sent me this whatchamacallit…what on earth would you do with it?  I think it is a gross between a growler and a planter.

gowler planter

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Make a Tiered Planter to Add Color to Your Outdoor Spaces

Carmel from our Fifth House is back today sharing a super simple outdoor project that is sure to add some fun and whimsy to your outdoor spaces! Making a couple of tiered planters adds height and color to your porch or deck.


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Ceramic Planter Table

I adore this project from Kim at Sand & Sisal.  She is a gal after my own heart with all her repurposing projects lately.  This ceramic planter side table is perfect for creating a keepsake for hidden treasures that are sentimental to your family. My kids would so love this.  So welcome Kim as she {…Read More…}