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I have been crushing on ombre lately and I have a secret project I am working on (I will tell you soon) for a young gal.  I saw this really cool towel at PB Teen and thought it would make a really fun piece of art.  So I asked my good friend Johnnie from Printable Decor if she would design a printable for me so I could create some surf art inspired décor for the room.


PB Teen Towel


Eat, Sleep, Pray, Surf Printable (blues/green or pink/orange)

Wood board or pallet wood

Spray adhesive

Miter saw

Tape Measure

Kreg Jig with 3/4” screws


Exacto knife

Sand paper

Matte Mod Podge

White foam roller

1.  I used some old fence slats I found in my neighbors trash for this project.  I wanted the grunge look with the wood grain popping through the printable so this was a perfect fit. You could simply use a board cut 10 3/4” x 16 1/2”.


2.  However, I cut my boards 10 3/4” wide and then I used my Kreg Jig to bore pocket holes in the back. {I heart my Kreg Jig}. Then I screwed in 3/4” screws to make the board one continuous piece.


3.  I decided to use a spray adhesive to attach my printable to my fence slat board. I let that dry.


4.  I trimmed the edges with my exacto knife and followed it up with sanding the edges downward to give it a little distressing.  I also sanded the top of the printable to scuff it up a little and reveal the wood grain coming through the paper.


5.  To seal it I used a foam roller with some matte Mod Podge and rolled it on.  I love using Mod Podge this way, it gives it a nice sealed finish without brushstrokes.  When bubbles appeared I just took a Mod Podge dipped finger and rubbed the bubbles out and then rolled some more Mod Podge on it.





Here are the two colors of printable you can download.  Do download right click on the color you want and click on save as.  Save it to your computer and then open it in the program of your choice to print it out.  We printed ours on 11” x 17” paper.
















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  1. Does this png file enlarge enough with without losing it’s sharpness? I imported into PSE9 and it doesn’t look sharp. Was thinking of taking the file to office depot for printing.



  2. Checking back in to say the purple shows it’s 11 x 17 at 299 resolution……….the orangeish one is much smaller in size and resolution. Is a larger version of the orange one available?



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