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I pride myself in my superwoman powers. You know the power to make lunch while doing laundry, putting on my makeup and writing an email. I am one of those people that have the strange power to multi-task – insanely. Everyone always asks how I get anything done with a two year old. I must admit it is my superwoman power to multi-task that allows me to get anything done. I can get things done quickly, efficiently and most of the time, on time. I don’t leave projects undone. When I start something I usually can’t sit down until it is done. That’s just me – until around May 1st.

What happened? This wee one in my belly is KICKING MY BUTT! Please don’t hear me complain, I am very grateful to be pregnant, especially after a miscarriage in January. We are very excited about adding to our family. I know I am blessed especially knowing many people who have struggled to get pregnant at all.

But I had a mini-meltdown last night. My house is a wreck, I haven’t showered in a LONG time, I average making our bed about once a week, dust covers every square inch of furniture, we are going to have to recycle underwear soon if I don’t do laundry, I make a good dinner maybe once a week, Isaac has watched more TV than I care to admit, people are going to start calling me Bert

if I don’t do something with my eyebrows soon, my kitchen floor is caked with dried cheerios and other goodies, the hair on my legs can rival a caveman, and I haven’t worn make-up or looked remotely female for at least a month. Oh and my mother-in-law is coming tonight for a visit.


Trying to clean goes something like this…clean for 10 minutes, rest for 30 minutes. Needless to say I haven’t been very effective and last night I was emotional and bawling to my husband, “I can’t do it all, I can’t be a mom, and a wife right now. I am sucking at my job.” Of course Tim gave me an encouraging pep talk. So I pulled myself up by my bootstraps (actually the hair on my legs) and went downstairs and he helped me clean out the science projects in my refridgerator. I felt better after accomplishing one thing yesterday.

I keep waiting for the second trimester energy boost. Please, Lord let it come back. I want to be supermoman again.
Until then. . . for the sake of my family and everyone who comes in contact with me, I hope to at least shower and shave today.

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  1. So I just sat down yesterday and read a “birth control” book called “Belly laugh” by Jenny McCarthy, I’m sure you’ve heard of it? It was Hilarious and deprressing at the same time but her whole point in writing the pregnancy book was to encourage other women who’ve had babies, are having babies, or WANT to have babies, that they are not alone when it comes to all the crazy things that happen to a poor little preggo lady’s body! Seriously I read the whole thing in about 2hrs. You should read it if you get the “motivation” 😉 to do it. I’ve never been pregnant but I HEAR YA SISTA! You have my sympathy 100%….(Have Tim read it with you so you can laugh together about your psyhco hormones and insane 1st trimester tiredness.)

  2. oh, Beckie, I feel your pain…recently!! That sounds exactly sounds like me and my house through the first trimester…I begged my husband for a housekeeper…didn’t happen. I can encourage you that the energy comes back with a vengeance…SOON!

  3. Hang in there, girl! It really is important that you take care of yourself and that wee one. I know it’s hard. I’ve had three kids (and one miscarriage). A shower will probably make you feel better. Shaving? It’s over-rated!

  4. don’t worry, beckie, you will return to normal again and we will still love you even if you don’t! maybe you are having a girl?!? i was like that when i was prego with emma!

  5. Oh my goodness, do I hear ya!! I really can't imagine having a toddler underfoot in addition to being pregnant. My 4 & 7 year olds are pretty self-sufficient. I'm with you though, meltdowns are frequent and vacuuming is not. Just give yourself grace, you're growing a baby for pete's sake, that's quite an undertaking! Your superpowers will return in due time. For now, your body is obviously telling you to just relax. And the shaving…. totally overrated(although do try to keep up on your underarms cause ewww… that's just yucky). 🙂

  6. okay, this is so stinkin funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i can totally relate, it is so funny how you ‘relax’ a bit on chores that you never would have pre- kids!!! now we occasionally don’t do the evening dishes if it takes a bit longer to get the kids to bed, don’t want to wake them up ya know! it is so nice when it is peaceful and quite around the house.
    okay i will confess the last time i mopped with the floor cleaner and shine was for callies 2 bday party, that was in april!!! hahaah! yeah i have mopped since then, but not the deep clean mopping.
    oh beckie! you just really crack me up!

  7. oh beckie, i could have written the same exact thing word for word! its happening right now too! I feel horrible all the time and feel like im failing at my job too! I love you and i cant wait to get that energy back too, hang in there your closer than i am! love you

  8. But just wait till that nesting instinct kicks in ….you thought you were super woman before. That will be something to behold.

  9. I’m so glad to know you are really human underneath that Superwoman cape. Whew, I’m relieved.

    And you crack me up. Always.

  10. hey, you’ve been through this before, so try to remember it is only a phase. This too shall pass! I know it’s really hard for you not to have I’ll be praying for you! In the meantime….get your rest and do your best. That’s all you can do!
    love ya

  11. Pregnancy is humbling for sure!–

    The Bert eyebrows made me smile though 😉

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