Happy First Day of Summer Ya’ll. In honor of this most festive occasion I thought I would share with you my favorite comic of all time. I have actually had this for at least 12 years. It cracks me up everytime. All women out there can I get a “Amen!.”…

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  1. I can totally picture your belly laugh with this one and THAT’S what cracks me up the most ;)…I love laughing with you 😀

  2. too funny!
    well – in a week and a half i will be laying my butt on the beach in Hawaii!!! so i can totally relate to this comic.
    thank goodness for board shorts and tank tops!!!!

    i really don’t recommend going to hawaii after you recently have a baby!!! hahahaha!
    this is torture you know. oh well, what can you do.?
    : )
    maui wowie! here we come! !!!!

  3. HEY! What’s wrong with the skirt on the suit??

    I resemble that remark! 😛

  4. “Depressing room” is correct. funhouse mirrors, poor lighting, corners that haven’t seen a vacuum in 11.3 years, and the ubiqutious gal 2 doors down asking her girlfriend/mother/child, “This 6 is huge–run get me a 4, please.”

    I hate her.

  5. Depressing room for sure! Lately, I don’t even have to be trying on a bathing suit to feel depressed. The more I stay home, trying to save money, the more I eat. Maybe, if I spent a little more in gas to get out and about, I would spend less in food?

  6. How adorable?!! Y-O-U need to design rubber stamps, My Friend! I’d buy ’em all *Ãœ*
    …seriously, think about it!
    Tracy *Ü*

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